Dynamic Service Check Run-As

This script checks all running Windows Services with a Startup Type of 'Automatic' and 'Log On As' as specified account. Update the 'Script Arguments section to the name of the account you wish to search for, partial names are supported.

It will return a dynamic list of services under the specified account which are not running.

*Note: Orion Agent required to be installed on server unless WinRM is configured on the monitored node*

Example: I have 2 Windows Services running under a service account, which are stopped.

2020-08-19 12_00_36-dev-aus-liceval.swdev.local - Remote Desktop Connection Manager v2.7.png

I updated the template to search for the service name and return the count of services that are not running and include their names.

2020-08-19 11_56_27-Application Details - Summary.png

When you edit the component monitor, update the scripte argument section with the name of the account you wish to search by. "<>" not required.

2020-08-19 12_03_34-Edit Application Template - Dynamic Service Check Run-As.png