McAfee Email Gateway.apm-template

This template assesses the overall status of McAfee Email Gateway 7.5 appliance or VM.

This template uses SNMP monitors to retrieve status from the target server.

Prerequisites: SNMP enabled on the appliance and allowed to monitor.

Credentials: None (uses the SNMP string assigned to the node).

Tested against a McAfee Email Gateway V7.5
The MIB used for this was MCAFEE-MEG-MIB which can be downloaded from the appliance by logging into the applicance and selecting "Resources" and downloading the SNMP resources SMI file and MIB files.

Base OID  for this device all starts at

I only setup the monitors that would be used for alerting purposes rather than monitoring, so process status etc.

The MIB is nice and descriptive and very complete so the other stuff can easily be added if you like.

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