Shared Files for Network Performance Monitor
  • Juniper - Yellow Alarm Count

    Juniper Yellow chassis alarm count Universal Device Poller
  • Juniper - Red Alarm Count

    UNDP for Red Chassis Alarms
  • Aruba Wireless Controller Client Stats

    Here is a group of UnDP pollers for monitoring the number of clients associated with an Aruba Wireless controller. I can only confirm this works with Aruba WLC 7210 running ArubaOS 6.x. The pollers are: Total Wireless Devices Wireless Devices per SSID In the screenshot below, wlsxWlanTotalNumStationsAssociated is displayed as a guage and chart with historical data. wlanESSIDNumStations is displayed as a table and chart with historical data. The SSID is displayed as a numerical value making it not...
  • Palo Alto Firewall Session UnDP

    Here is a group of UnDP pollers and transforms I created to monitor and display the sessions on a Palo Alto Networks firewall. The pollers and transforms are: Total Active Sessions Active TCP Sessions Active UDP Sessions Active ICMP Sessions SSL Proxy Sessions SSL Proxy Utilization We use the pollers for displaying charts and transforms for gauges. I use transforms to make the gauges more readable, you can display the pollers with a gauge and without using transforms. The gauge threshold values are...
  • Cisco FXOS Firepower UnDP version 1

    My initial stab at creating a UnDP for Cisco FirePower modules.  I'm using these on my new WAN routers with Cisco UCS that run the FirePower VM.  Currently Cisco FirePower shows up as net-snmp device in NPM.  I'll continue to add additional OID's that seem interesting over time.  It would be great if NPM could support Cisco FP out of the box.  My users are asking for more info about troubleshooting our FP modules. The info show on node details page for the modules.
  • Stulz UnDP

    This is a Universall Device Poller for Stulz cooling, it displays Return air temperature, Return air humidity and Unit status. Let me know if it works for you.
  • HP-OfficeJet-InkLevel

    Hi everyone, Here is a pollers for the HP Officejet series, each assigned to different color. assign all of them to a Officejet Printer and then you can add it into a table like that : While maximum value on each printer type can change, you can see the max level by polling the following oids: = max magenta = max cyan = max yellow = max black Have fun
  • Cisco ASA Hardware Health & failover status monitoring

    *****UPDATE:- HARDWARE HEALTH IS INCLUDED IN NPM 12.2 PLEASE UPGRADE**** IF HARDWARE HEALTH IS MARKED AS CRITICAL ITS KNOWN ISSUE AND DEVELOPMENT TEAM IS CURRENTLY WORKING ON THIS Hello Everyone. In this article i have combined the required steps and information in order to monitor the Cisco Cisco ASA Hardware Health and fail-over status in Orion as work around . If you have any difficulty please let me know . Please Note : I have Cisco ASA 5506 and result may differ depending on the version and...
  • PaloAltoPollers

    Here are the current Palo Alto Pollers I am using.
  • Synology Inc. Universal Device Poller

    UnDP to collect the following: cpuFanStatus diskID diskModel diskStatus diskTemperature diskType modelName powerStatus raidName raidStatus serialNumber systemFanStatus systemStatus temperature version Based on Synology MIBs: SYNOLOGY-DISK-MIB SYNOLOGY-RAID-MIB SYNOLOGY-SYSTEM-MIB
  • SOLIDServer BIND Pollers

    This set of UnDPs will poll for the following BIND statistics from a SOLIDServer DNS appliance: bind_authans bind_dropped bind_nonauthans bind_nxdomain bind_nxrrset bind_recurserej bind_recursion bind_referral bind_requestv4 bind_requestv6 bind_srvfail bind_success bind_tcp
  • Netman or RFC1628 UPS UnDP

    A Universal Device Poller for Netman 204 that uses RFC1628 mib for presenting the information. Will probably work for several types of hardware that use the rfc's mibs. Starting at Containing: upsAlarmsPresent upsBatteryStatus upsBatteryTemperature upsEstimatedMinutesRemaining upsOutputSource upsSecondsOnBattery
  • Eaton UPS Custom Poller

    Let me know how this works out for you.
  • Buffalo TeraStation Pollers

    Custom SNMP pollers to monitor Buffalo TeraStations. Array Pollers nasArrayStatus. Indicates the current RAID mode/status of an array. Returned values: Not Supported, No RAID Configured, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, RAID 50, RAID 51, RAID 60, RAID 61. nasArrayCapacity. The capacity of the RAID array in Gigabytes. The capacity cannot be obtained if the RAID array is not configured, not mounted, has LVM enabled, or configured as an iSCSI volume. In such cases, the value -1 will be returned...
  • Silver Peak UnDP

    We have some Silver Peak devices deployed so I created some custom pollers for them.  This UnDP polls the following: ActiveAlarmCount OperStatus ProductModel SystemUptime SystemUptime (Translation of time ticks to days) SystemVersion
  • Ruckus Client count

    Attached is my first pass at pulling the Number of clients connected to our Ruckus Access Points. There are 3 pollers: ruckusRadioStatsNumSta - table with number of 2.4G and 5G connected clients / ruckusRadioStatsNumSta24 - single Get to allow charting just the 2.4G clients on the AP / RuckusAP5Ghz - this is a transform that takes the total number of connections, subtracts the 2.4 clients and presents a single number that can be charted. This allows me to have a running historical chart of the 2...
  • ICX Stack Details

    Poller for Brocade ICX stacks that retrieves: serial number unit state unit type unit role unit firmware
  • ICX stack pwr fan temp Poller

    Poller that gets stack unit Power supply and fan status and unit temperature
  • Cisco ASA 9.6 VPN Pollers

    I'm running Cisco ASA Version 9.6(1)10.  Here's the VPN Pollers tweaked a little, along with some notes I compiled while trying to find these, and research them a bit and get them to work.  Hope this helps. The "main" OID for VPN stats is: Very helpful MIB website: ==================== I found this, in the mib walk: . = OID: . = OID: 1.3...
  • Palo Alto Active VPN Tunnels UnDP

    Hello, You can assign the attached UnDP to fetch the information of active VPN Tunnels for Palo Alto.