Vertiv Emerson Liebert UPS Battery Environmentals

This is some work I did for Vertiv Emerson Liebert UPS Devices. The SNMP MIB Name is the LIEBERT-GP-FLEXIBLE-MIB polling data.

Poller Data Includes:

  • VertivUPSBatChargePercent - UPS Battery Charge Percentage
  • *VertivUPSBatStatus - Need to verify if a depletion condition will change this status. So far it reports Normal when on battery only load.
  • VertivUPSBatTimeRemain - Remaining time in Minutes. Alert threshold preset for 60 at Warning and 30 Critical.
  • *VertivUPSChargeStatus - Remained fully charged. UPS had 240+ minutes left of load time.
  • VertivUPSOutputFreq - Should always be at 60. Warning is above 60.6 and Critical is 59.4. If Frequency gets .1 lower expect imminent grid wide failure.
  • VertivUPSOutputSource - Normal when on Grid, Battery when on Battery. Warning when on Battery, no Critical
  • VertivUPSOutputV - Voltage. Warning above 130 and Critical below 108.
  • VertivUPSTempIn - Temperature in C. No thresholds set.
  • VertivUPSCtoF - Transform of TempIn converting Celsius to Fahrenheit. Warning above 100F, and Critical above 130F.

*Pollers in this are not returning expected data. Extended testing should be done on these 2 pollers prior to relying on the values.