Cat 6500/4000 Inventory (Includes Slot, serial, model and firmware version)

I created this to help us inventory the blades on our 6500's, I also found that it works against Cat 4K's but so far not on our 4500's or routers.

There are four items that are queried:

Slot #, Serial #, Model #, Firmware Version.

I only displayed the Slot Poller on the Node details page but included all of the other pollers in that table (click edit in the moduleIndex table on the node details page)


Select tabular Universal Device Pollers for display

X     moduleIndex
X     moduleModel
X    moduleSerialNumberString
X     moduleSwVersion

Select Rows to display
X     All
Module Slot #1
Module Slot #2
Module Slot #3
Module Slot #5
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