Aruba Wireless Controller Client Stats

Here is a group of UnDP pollers for monitoring the number of clients associated with an Aruba Wireless controller. I can only confirm this works with Aruba WLC 7210 running ArubaOS 6.x.

The pollers are:

  • Total Wireless Devices
  • Wireless Devices per SSID

In the screenshot below, wlsxWlanTotalNumStationsAssociated is displayed as a guage and chart with historical data. wlanESSIDNumStations is displayed as a table and chart with historical data. The SSID is displayed as a numerical value making it not as useful as I originally hoped. I don't like how the SSIDs are displayed and have not been able to locate an OID that contains the human readable SSID to display in a table or chart. If you locate the appropriate OID please comment below.