Cisco Wireless Controller 5500 Power Supply Status Pollers ~ CiscoWireless5500-PowerSupply.UnDP

***New upload has readable values.  True/False for Power Supply presence, and Up/Down/Unknown for operational status***

These are Universal Device Pollers - import these into your UnDP on the Server; do not import via the new poller web interface.   - you can find a hardware health for the Wireless controllers that includes the OS Version details(and still under construction) under the new Pollers

So after many attempts to find Power Supply Pollers I was able to find the needed details to slap these together.

This will work for 5508's Which I am running several of at the moment. Currently no Hardware Health is captured, and anything in the Entity, or Module tables are the associated AP's

This may work on earlier Wireless Controllers - I am not sure how far after the 5500's this will work. But test and reply so we know!

wireless LAN controllers were developed by Airespace and prior to their acquisition by Cisco in 2005, they had already created their own SNMP MIBs (the OIDs start .  Since the acquisition, several former Airespace objects have been obsoleted and replaced by CISCO-LWAPP-* or other Cisco objects, yet some former Airespace objects remain in use, depending on the software train in use on the wireless LAN controller.

Try walking agentSwitchInfo (.

AIRESPACE-SWITCHING-MIB::agentSwitchInfoPowerSupply1Present.0 = INTEGER: false(0)          = OID :

AIRESPACE-SWITCHING-MIB::agentSwitchInfoPowerSupply1Operational.0 = INTEGER: false(0)      = OID :

AIRESPACE-SWITCHING-MIB::agentSwitchInfoPowerSupply2Present.0 = INTEGER: false(0)          = OID :

AIRESPACE-SWITCHING-MIB::agentSwitchInfoPowerSupply2Operational.0 = INTEGER: false(0)      = OID :

Status of 1 means it is either Present or Operational... value of Zero would be the false, or failed/missing trigger.  You can setup your alerts with a Custom Poller Value <> 1  to be safe.

  *disclaimer* I have not sought out and know all the possible values - it appears to follow a True (1) False (0) logic with the status

The attached DL has all 4 PS Pollers ONLY - NO TRANSPORT MODE - with the names simplified and underscores in place to display the Present Value above the Operational Value.