NetScaler Universal Device Pollers (UnDP)

I created these for a client and figured I'd upload them since there isn't much on Thwack at all (at least when I created them there wasn't) for NetScaler.  Citrix is awesome at providing tons of SNMP counters.  What you'll find here is a very tiny fraction of what Citrix offers.  The bad news is that they are pretty inconsistent and downright bad about providing enumerated values or even descriptions about what the values should be enumerated to in their MIBs and their descriptions.  So you are often left to either search Google to see if others have found these values (most of the ones I looked for I did not find) or try and figure them out yourself.  Unfortunately my client only had production NetScaler systems so I wasn't able to test much and therefore you will find many enumerated counters not filled in.  Please, if you do figure out what some of these values are then send them to me and I will update this poller to include the enumerated values.  Even if you figure out just one or two of the non-enumerated counters that would be a great help.

Otherwise, I manually grouped these as well as carefully named the pollers in each group so that they will stick together alphabetically when viewing them in the UNDP Summary resource.  So in other words, rename at your own risk :-)

Let me know if you find any mistakes or want to see something updated.


Jordan Hume

Field Systems Engineer II

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