APC Management-

I have taken the APC management script provided by alexrich​​ - APC Web Management Card-  - to add things which fit for APC's today. One of the things about APC's is that they have different command menus from Cisco entirely. Another is what is the best data to go with. I have coddled this into a working template format by modifying some of the values and treating individual commands as their own configs. When going through Device Template Management, I have set this template as follows:


Major props to wluther​ for Re: Is it possible to run multiple commands via one command in a device template  , you basically enabled me to make this into some magic. I'm also filtering out E000: Success as the "more command", so that it skips parsing it.

I set detstatus -all and upsabout as the "running config"  and snmp/ntp/tcpip/dns as the "startup config" - because there really aren't running/startup, but this is a good way to at least have a historical APC status. I added prompt -s long to be the terminal reset so that you can see the login being used for the APC's (and thus what credential) and about as the command for version (which works well/enough). Example, here's what you get from detstatus -all:

detstatus -all

E000: Success

Status of UPS: Online - Green Mode

Last Transfer: None

Input Status: Acceptable

Next Battery Replacement Date: 04/03/2021

Runtime Remaining: 1 hr 26 min 0 sec

Battery State Of Charge: 100.0 %

Output Voltage: 122.4 VAC

Output Frequency: 60.0 Hz

Output Watts Percent: 20.1 %

Output VA Percent: 16.2 %

Output Current: 1.91 A

Output Efficiency: 95.0 %

Output Energy: 1959.223 kWh

Input Voltage: 122.4 VAC

Input Frequency: 60.0 Hz

Battery Voltage: 27.0 VDC

Battery Temperature: 30.6 C, 87.0 F

Self-Test Result: Passed via management device

Self-Test Date: 11/01/2017

Which is all immensely useful, or upsabout which gets you:


E000: Success

Model: Smart-UPS 1500

SKU: SMT1500


Firmware Revision: UPS 09.3 (ID18)

Manufacture Date: 07/27/2016

Apparent Power Rating: 1440 VA

Real Power Rating: 1000 W

Battery SKU: RBC7

  • Right there with ya on that. If you do the firmware upgrader for APC (they have one), you can at least batch update hundreds at a time across timeframes if they all have the same login credential. That's usually a good step one before the rest. Timeframes being usually 3-5 mins per device.

  • We have had trouble with Schneider local service doing work under contract. A few years ago, they said they require either Infrastruxure or on site service for larger UPSes, like Symmetra.

    There are standalone tools for pushing firmware and settings via FTP. But we don't allow FTP on the net. It would be nice of the IoT manufactures of America, like Schneider and Cisco, would step into the 21st century with their protocols. The old excuse of small CPU and RAM is no longer valid. $30 gets me Raspberry Pi clones.

  • I think we need to setup a matrix of APC card models and versions.

    I have found that APC sometimes ships new UPSes with older firmware on the network card - causing all kinds of trouble if you enable HTTPS because of TLS restrictions.


  • 2019 update to foonly​ - apc's only tend to poll ok in the new system's APC management. Any other kind of power provider does not. It grabs a lot of what I had been grabbing here.

  • I like what you've done here.  I have several hundred APC UPS's in various flavors from little 1500's to the Smart-UPS 10KVA units.  Occasionally I have need to modify something in all of them to address Security issues, and I'd like to use NCM to be able to push config changes several (or all) devices at once.

    I'm thinking of things like enabling or disabling ftp, changing RADIUS PSK's or server addresses, etc.

    I don't quite see those options in the template you've built . . .   or am I missing something there?

    APC's StruxureWare was supposed to be the ultimate for managing & configuring multiple UPS's, and we purchased it and tried using it with little success.  When it went insane and DDOS's everyone on my team with 500,000 e-mail notices in a few seconds, we shut it off and moved those UPS's all to Solarwinds.  Which still doesn't do what we'd like with APC units, but at least it doesn't spam the living daylights out of my team.

    It would be sweet if NCM could do firmware upgrades of the APC NIC's, and push out certificates, etc.  Something for a future wish list.  In fact, I'll submit it as a Feature Request right now.