[How To] Backup Alcatel OmniSwitch (AOS) with NCM

Hi all,

I managed to write a Device template to backup Alcatel OmniSwitch with NCM.

It works with all AOS switches: 6250, 6450, 6850, 7700, 9700 …

Alcatel OmniSwitch OS (AOS) have specials features:

1) there is no enable mode.

2) the prompt is NOT made up with the switch hostname. The prompt can be what ever you want it to be, but the prompt is then present in the config.

For example:

My prompt is


The config will then have the line in it

      session prompt default "myswitch>"

This causes NCM to stop getting the config just before that line because it thinks it went to the end of the config and that the switch gave the prompt again.

You need to use RESET and the "prompt string" command and use 4 characters (maximum) that are not in your config: I use ">#>#" . Don't use "->" because it can be used in interface description like "bloc1 -> bloc2".

Normally there is no pagination of the config, but 2 of my 250 AOS switches needed "no more", so the RESET looks like that:

<Command Name="RESET" Value="no more${CRLF}prompt string >#>#${CRLF}" RegEx=">#>#"/>

<Command Name="DownloadConfig" Value="write terminal"/>

Note #1: End your prompt by ">" or NCM wouldn't be able to log in the switch and will display "Unable to log to router: Timeout".

Note #2: I used "Using Command Template Variables to Switch User Context" on page 166 of "Orion NCM Administrator Guide" and specified the entire new prompt in the RegEx value.

Note #3: Since the "DownloadConfig" works I don't use the "DownloadConfigIndirect" but I leave it in the Device template attached for information.

Note #4: TFTP is only available on AOS version 6.4.X or higher.

Note #5: AOS SCP uses DSA but the SCP/SFTP Server shipped with NCM 7.2.2 doesn’t support DSA, You will have to install freeTFTPserver found in Engineer’s Toolset section.

Note #6: Alcatel 6200 series switches act like Cisco, so all this doesn't apply.

Note #7: After this Device template has been checked by other users, it would be important that SolarWinds include it in the next release (with the other Device template).

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