Copy of Cisco 6500 IOS Upgrade ShowCommands NCM Template

I developed a series of 4 NCM config change templates to use when upgrading a 6500 with 2 supervisor modules.  All templates are named Cisco_6500_IOS_Upgrade_Step1 through Step3.  This template is the first of my templates to run.  It will display the variable information that is needed for the other templates.  It executes a series of show commands, so that you don't have to keep logging into the switch.  The output is kept in the script results for later use.  Complete this template and proceed to Cisco_6500_IOS_Upgrade_St-------------------------------28947758029299 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="FileTags" cisco, content_exchange, ios_update, ios_upgrade, ncm, network_configuration_manager, orion_ncm, template