This template is used to upgrade the IOS on 3750s using a .tar file.  It will delete the old IOS file (.tar or .bin) if there is not enough space in flash.  It will set the boot statements and reload the device after a successful upgrade.  You will be able to view the status in Script Results when it is complete.  This uses an external SCP/SFTP/TFTP server.  If you are using the SFTP/SCP server on your SolarWinds server, use this one: Cisco 3750/2950 IOS Upgrade(using SCP) NCM Template   You will need to set this up first.  I also am mapping to a folder on the server (\Cisco\3750\).  You can modify the script for your environment.  You can also change scp to something else like tftp if you like.  It's good for multiple devices.  It will work for 2900 switches too.  It's been working for me.  Saves a lot of time.  You MUST use a .tar file for your new IOS.  If the old IOS was upgraded from a .tar file, there is no need to put the old IOS file name in the field for it.  You can put a space in that field.  This upgrade will look for and cleanup the directory structure for the .tar file upgrade.  It will delete the .bin file (in flash:   Not in the subdirectory) that is put into the OLD File name field.

If you download this, please rate it or comment on this, so I know what is needed and how this is working for you.