• Connect via Session support for Riverbed.Steelhead

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    Hi,   Would it be possible to create Connect Via: Session support for Riverbeds?   I have a number of steelhead devices I'd like to backup on remote networks, but none of them have public addresses. i have...
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  • SNMP test fails when adding node and not pulling firmware information

    Hello,   I am trying to add a Moxa switch (Model EDS-G512E-T) to NPM, but I am having issues verifying the SNMP read/write string.   1. No connection errors 2. community strings (ro and rw) are both corre...
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  • Remove old volumes

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    There is no mechanism that allows NPM to notice old volumes. What we want is to remove those old volumes and replace with the newly found ones automatically.
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  • Table of third party patches - updated 10/09/2015

    Simplify and automate these patches and more with SolarWinds Patch Manager. Check out the attached spreadsheet for recent patches. The Patch Manager catalog contains the following products:   Adobe Acrobat v9 ...
    tamil prabha
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  • Do You use Product Upgrade Advisor website before you upgrade product?

    SolarWinds has Product Upgrade Advisor website which helps users to validate compatibility of product versions.https://customerportal.solarwinds.com/support/product-upgrade-advisor Do you use that prior any product u...
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  • Need Info about the MIBs that can be used to integrate Solarwinds with Netcool

    Hi ,   Can someone help me in finding the MIBs that I can sue to integrate Solarwinds with Netcool.   I need mibs required to integrate (to forward the alerts) from solarwind version XXXXXX with any tool v...
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  • Wiki Cattools with Avaya ERS switches

    Hi dear community,   In my company we are using avaya switches (ERS3500 for most of them) and we bought a kiwi cattools licence. My question is, in order to enter into the avaya switch, I need to press "ctrl + ...
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  • SBC - ACME packet monitoring in Solarwinds

    Is it possible to monitor the SBC -ACME packets in Orion NPM/NTA/SAM ?   If available then what are features available?  If not, then any enhancement in coming versions?
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  • Cisco SF300 Switch OID SF300-48P

    Hi,   Can anybody provide me the OID of an Cisco SF300-48P?   I have tried these that I have found but they don't work:     alHardwareCpuTemp OID Type Inte...
    remi f
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  • 2000 thwack points for UX feedback

    Hello! I’m on the User Experience team here at SolarWinds, and we’re looking for people who can give us feedback on infrastructure monitoring. We’re looking for people who work for Managed Service Pr...
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  • What tools do you use in addition to SolarWinds? Take us on a tour and get 2000 thwack points

    The SolarWinds UX (User Experience) team is interested in learning more about other tools you use in addition to/to supplement SolarWinds. Do you use other monitoring products in addition to SolarWinds? We want to see...
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  • F5 BigIP cli backup fails

    Try to backup an F5 using SSH cli.  The backups are failing with the error "Did not receive echo of modify modify cli preference page enabled display-threshold 0 command"   This is the variations file: COM...
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  • Appinsight for Exchange: Average Document Indexing Time

    Hello - i have a problem with this counter.   So i can't edit the template, and i can't seem to set the threshold on the monitor. The expert knowledge says it should be less than 30 seconds at all times, which m...
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  • Arp Report support for Checkpoint Firewalls

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    My companies is moving away from routers installed on site to security appliances I'm looking to get Arp reports support for Checkpoint firewalls.  I use the ARP report in the Report.X-Ref.Port MAC ARP report and...
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  • How do you handle Cisco QoS?

    I still hear from clients who believe I can provide them a 1 gallon bucket that will hold 10 gallons.  Or in other words, they're used to Gigabit + speeds via LAN, but when they go to my regional sites they get 3...
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  • AppInsight for SharePoint

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    I have observed in my time in IT that SharePoint performance is completely random. Whether it is rock solid for years or constant issues with Worker threads being set too low on the servers for Reporting, WSS, IIS or ...
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  • Interface Up/Down status events

    List out the up/down events of interfaces along with timestamp and location.
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  • Would You Link Your Customer Portal Account To Your thwack Account?

    If you are a SolarWinds customer, most likely you have your own Individual User Account to access your Customer Portal. If there were an option to link your CP account to your thwack account, would you do it? What wou...
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  • Alert Everytime When Traffic on Any Interface Crosses 500 GB

    This alert is to trigger actions every time any interface crosses the 500GB threshold of received traffic. For example, at 12 on Monday if there 0 GB of received traffic, and by 5 PM 500GB of traffic has been receive...
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  • Can't get device details to be polled immediately after adding node

    Hello there!   This is my very first post in this community, so please be patient with me.   We have the NPM up and running and try to add nodes using the SDK. With curl in a shell script adding the node a...
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