• AppInsight for Exchange: Exchange PerfMon counters getting disabled

    I am using AppInsight for Exchange to monitor my exchange servers.  I have 2 mailbox servers (both are VMs) set up in a DAG.  The problem is that the servers are always in an UNKNOWN state, because the excha...
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  • WAN Public IP blockage

    I have the FOE server setup and replicating. I have tested it and it is working great. However I need to setup split brain avoidance. In order to do so, I want to ping the public IP of the Primary and Secondary server...
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  • Replacing self signed certs within Orion

    Hello everyone!   Today I'm looking into replacing the self-signed certificates within Orion to ones generated by a CA within the corporation. I've found the following post interesting but not sure if this could...
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  • Fix UDT polling for Cisco Nexus FEX ports

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    This is related to my post in the UDT forums - UDT not working on Nexus FEX units   Currently Cisco Nexus FEX layer 2 access ports are not populating the vmMembershipSummaryTable because the port ifindex is abov...
    Jay Garcia
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  • WHD SSL - firefox complains about ephemeral_dh_key

    Hello, I used porticle and generated a keypair, imported our domain root cert and also submitted a cert request through our internal domain CA.  I got the certificate back fine and it works great in Chrome / IE /...
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  • Auto Email client on ticket closure

    Is there a setting that will automatically email a client once a ticket is closed?  Right now tickets are closed and if the tech clicks on "Save" instead of "Save and Email", the client is not notified of the clo...
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  • thwack Monthly Mission - August 2015

    Coming off of SolarWinds' annual virtual learning event, thwackCamp 2015 provided thousands of attendees with several deep-dive, best practice and how-to sessions on a number of topics regarding SolarWinds products an...
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  • Troubleshooting Issues Across the AppStack [Live Demo]

    9/16/15 11:00 AM
        Join SolarWinds product experts for a live demo on Wednesday, September 16th to learn how to get visibility across your entire application stack and dramatically decrease troubleshooting times. Save...
    Wendy Abbott
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    Troubleshooting Issues Across the AppStack [Live Demo]

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  • How to find SQL for DPA alerts

    Is there a way to view the queries DPA uses for alert checks?  Specifically I am looking for the SQL it uses for the "Oracle Stale Statistics" alert.   When I check the dba_tab_statistics view in my databas...
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  • Database Performance Analyzer 9.5 Release Candidate is available now!!!!

    I am excited to say that with Database Performance Analyzer 9.5, we now support the registration and monitoring of MySQL.  For the Orion users out there we have also extended the DPA data for MySQL into the integ...
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  • Store the XML for deadlocks in the repository

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    This would enable the following potential additional features: A deadlocks tab that would show the SQL involved in deadlocks along with a count of its appearance in deadlocks during a specific timeframe (along with ...
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  • Universal Device Poller

    I am having an issue with being able to create a UDP for a PaloAlto device that does not show up in the all nodes list. This is the latest software. I was able to test on my old version and it worked fine.
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  • Totally 80's Action Figures

    If you were a child or even adult of the 80's then I'm guessing most of you geeks out there in Thwackland had a collection of action figures as your go to form of entertainment.  Personally I would like to setup ...
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  • Converting Total Available Memory Value to Percentage

    Long time reader, first time poster!!   We are trying to edit our "Total Available Memory (MB)" component in "Windows Server 2003-2012 Services and Counters" template to convert the value from MB to a percentage...
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  • UDT report for used/unused ports per device

    Unless I'm missing it, there isn't a OOTB UDT report (v2.5) that provides Used Ports/percentage, Free Ports/percentage, Total Ports per device like the UDT Ports in Use Overview graph below. Has anyone developed such ...
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  • Interface Graphs above 100% stop graphing

    I am running version 10.7 and am having an issue with graphing Ethernet interfaces.  When I graph my Metro Ethernet WAN port it stops graphing if I bust my rate limits.  If I set my bandwidth to be 50Mbps on...
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  • Looking for help creating first configuration check policy

    I want to create a policy to check "IP helper addresses", but I am struggling with the logic.   Basically, I am only interested in interfaces that already have "ip helper" configured, so IF "ip helper-address" e...
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  • Allow LEM filters to be sent to Rule Creation

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    I Use the Filter creator in the Monitoring section to build and trouble shoot filters and often take advantage of the feature to be able to send them directly to Ndepth. This works great and I think it would also be v...
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  • please move away from flash!

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    I'd really like to see LEM move away from the flash interface into something far more flexible and customizable. This also leads to my next 'want' by being able to review LEM content from iOS or other mobile devices....
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  • WLC 5508 Netflow v9 template

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    I have case with Cisco WLC 5508 running software version, I'm receiving " invalid V9 template with ID 259 from device" I found that the required flow template fields not matching NTA, however; there is no wa...
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