• Introducing: Orion User Interface (UI) Refresh

    I’ve got a question for you:  "If Orion were a car, what kind of car would it be?"   We recently asked customers this question during feedback sessions.  The responses were quite consistent, an...
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  • Application monitoring

    Hello, I hope I'm in the right area or even site for the product that I'm referring to! I'm a software testing for a large company. I have intermediate knowledge of IT and if I don't have an answer for you I can get i...
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  • Convert historic Scripts directory to SQL database (NCM7.4) (PowerShell/SQL)

    Hello all,   When we moved to NCM 7.4, we launched Configuration Management, jumped over to Script Management, and didn't see any of our scripts. What gives?   What initially wasn't clear to us was that a...
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  • thwackCamp 2015 FAQ

    How can I attend?Registration is required for this event. Follow these easy steps to register: Click "Register Now" on the banner at the top of the thwackCamp 2015 page. You will be prompted to login to your thwack ...
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  • Custom Poller Flexibility in Reports

    Open for Voting
    43 votes
    I think this has been a request for a long time, but I wanted to breathe life into it again.   If you have multiple UnDP's assigned to a node, the only way to display those custom pollers in a view is to use the...
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  • Monitoring UNC with remote script...?

    I'm trying to get a handle on an EMC NAS UNC point.  I'm using SAM 6.2.   The problem I'm trying to solve: This is a file repository which is used to store images as well as pull images from for a web servi...
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  • Server & Application Monitor - What we're working on beyond SAM 6.2

    Server & Application Monitor 6.2 included a boatload of great new features that are going to be difficult to top, but that isn't going to stop us from trying. Here is a sneak peek at just a few of the items the te...
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  • Serv-U MFT High Availability in Windows.

    I am having difficulties finding detailed information on setting up Serv-U in a High Availability fashion.  Does anyone have any documention besides the serv-u_distributed_architecture.pdf document?  This do...
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  • Exchange Queue Alerts

    Hi,   I want to have an alert for my exchange queues, so that if they back up past a particular threshold, I can get an alert. How can I set this up?   Regards,   Chris
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  • "Application Template - Description" contains...  not working

    Hoping someone else can verify/reproduce this behavior... or advise I am doing something wrong... I created a SAM template and put a certain string in the description field "InSysView".   I applied the template...
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  • Can you use a Windows Event ID to reset an Event Log Monitor?

    We're trying to troubleshoot some weird DFS issues using the SAM DFS Template.  We have noticed that when replication stops, we get Event ID 2213.  When replication starts again, we see Event 2214.   W...
    Hector Ramos
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  • Estimate array RAID Group IOPS performance capabilities

    Open for Voting
    18 votes
    It would be extremely useful to see STM estimate RAID Group performance capabilities and peaks. This would be based on the RAID group RAID type, and be calculated based on a user chosen read/write ratio and IO size, ...
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  • Availability  dashboards in PIE CHARTS AND GAUGES.

    Open for Voting
    6 votes
    Team,   I have to produce some  real time availability dashboards to the client  for the servers in the environment.However there is no option of creating dashboards in a pie chart or gauges format as ...
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  • 11.5.2 Upgrade Issues (SQL Connections\High CPU)

    Hi,   I was wondering if anyone up on here could provide some direction with regards to a serious issue we have encountered after we upgraded to NPM 11.5.2.   Here are the symptoms in general that we are e...
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  • List of all current Connectors

    Open for Voting
    24 votes
    Please provide a resource (KB article, Thwack document, whatever works best for you) that has a list of all current connectors available. Preferably this would be something similar to the Patch Zone section of Thwack ...
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  • Build Your Own Syslog Connectors

    Open for Voting
    182 votes
    I have a lot of devices that can send syslogs to LEM; however, often there aren't connectors for those logs.  I would love to see a small development environment for creating your own syslog connectors.  I i...
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  • LEM Report for Top Web Usage from TMG 2010 Connector

    Open for Voting
    2 votes
    Can LEM Report Template be created using these fields from TMG logs?   0 Client IP ClientIP c-ip 1 Client Username ClientUserName cs-username 4 Log Date logTime date 5 Log Time logTime time 7 Server Name ser...
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  • It’s Christmas Day. Do You Know How Long You’ve Been DDoS’ed?

    “DDoS trends will include more attacks, the common use of multi-vector campaigns, the availability of booter services and low-cost DDoS campaigns that can take down a typical business or organization” - Q1...
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  • So You Decided to Move Your Database to the Cloud? What Now?

    Moving your databases to the cloud clearly isn’t for everybody however there definitely are implementations where that makes sense. Smaller businesses and start-ups can often save considerable capital outlay by ...
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  • Wait...how come I'm not being moderated anymore?

    We finally did it! We built our own spam filter plug-in since we were having so many challenges with the existing spam filters, and we released it just last week! Being the geek that I am, this new plug-in has made me...
    created by mrs.alterego