• Integration: IP Address Manager and Network Configuration Manager

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    5 votes
    Use-case: User is able to get EOS/EOL/EOW information for IP address.   Integration visual: If NCM is installed with IPAM you will have a possibility to see related EOS/EOL/EOW information from the IP Addres...
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  • Need Input - What giveaways do YOU want to see next on thwack?

    Just wanted to take a fresh poll and see if there's any new gadgets or gear you'd like to see given away in a future thwack mission.  I've listed several categories below, place your vote and let us know the spec...
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  • Feature request: more flexibility in the views

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    8 votes
    I would like to see more flexibility in the views that we have in NPM For example, and I don't know if it can be done with the way the application is programmed right now, but....   I would like to have the pos...
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  • FEATURE REQUEST - Customized notification and messages

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    4 votes
    Hi, I wish to have the ability to customize the message that ask the user to approve the connection and also to have a customized message that appear after disconnect. Thanks.
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  • Make more fields required on ticket close.

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    2 votes
    I am looking for the ability to make more fields required when closing tickets, most notably, the Technician field. I'd love to see that as an option.
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  • What are your plans for NPM v11.5.1?

    I noticed that SolarWinds posted Orion NPM v11.5.1 in my Customer Portal.  So, what are your plans concerning this new release?
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  • Applications Unknown Status

    I just upgraded to SAM 6.2.0 & NPM 11.5. And all the servers application status state Unknown although the servers up and SNMP polling perfectly. It never happen in the last version.
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  • App Insight for IIS Issue

    Hope I can get an answer/fix to an issue I'm having with the App Insight for IIS monitor without having to open a Tech Support ticket.  Here's the issue.  I have several IIS servers that I have applied the A...
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  • Mixing prod and non-prod monitoring on a single instance

    Hello Thwack Community!   I am new to SolarWinds but I have an instance of SolarWinds running SAM, NCM, VNQM, NPM and a DPA on a single server monitoring Prod. I need to add non-prod servers and devices to that ...
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  • WHD: What is your primary use for Web Help Desk?

    WHD is a help desk tool and can be used by IT departments, HR, finance and any other function in your organization. It has many features, but high level are you using all of them?   What is your primary use for ...
    Peter Krutý
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  • Monitoring Citrix 7.6

    Hi,   Does anyone know if there are any templates for;     Citrix Provisioning Services Version 7.6   Citrix Farm Controllers Version 7.6 Citrix Director Version 7.6   Windows 2008 Server ...
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  • How could SAM agent DR work?

    We have several locations where we have decide to give SAM agents a try. These are 7000-10000ms latency sites where snmp or WMI would be unhappy but to small for a dedicated poller. so my question is, if we are using...
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    Open for Voting
    22 votes
    It would help our company a great deal to be able to measure the number of running copies of a certain process running on a server.  I would like to be able to view the processes currently running and manipulate ...
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  • FEATURE REQUEST - Assign Request Type by Connection Filter

    Open for Voting
    2 votes
    I have an alert being sent from Orion to Web Help Desk when a component goes down.  In the config, you set a default request type by connection (I have only one).  It would be preferable to set the default b...
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  • Feature request: possibility to add columns in windows.

    Open for Voting
    5 votes
    Hi It would be nice if we could add columns in windows in order to better control the way the information is presented. Exemple: If I could add a column for the node ID, I could sort the information per device o...
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  • FEATURE REQUEST: Update Groups when account is restricted to Single or Multiple groups

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    6 votes
    We have a need for our customers to update groups in an effort to minimize management of the groups by our SolarWinds staff.  We have provided them with Node management rights but we've found that if we restrict ...
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  • Thwack! Now I get it.

    Why did we call the site thwack and not something more unimaginative like, The SolarWinds Community? Because the last thing we are is, unimaginative.   Onomatopoeia If you've been on this site, even for a brief m...
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  • Report Writer need only servers in report.

    Hi I am new to Solarwinds and have been tasked my management to create utilization reports that show uptime. The reports I create show dozens of pages with ALL the nodes including all the NIC and Cisco interfaces. The...
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  • Create alert when specific route missing from routing table

    I have a single device that has specific routes I would like to monitor.  I would like to configure an alert to trigger when these routes go missing.   I've verified that solarwinds is already pulling the r...
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  • Receive 2 events

    for each event I receive 2 messages in my Message center and I'd like to only receive 1   For example if a threshold is met on my Windows 2003-2012 services counters I'll receive 2 messages 1 for Component pages...
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