• External access to mobile admin

    Does anyone use a webserver in the dmz to front mobile admin server? We are restricting VPN access to our network and switching to rds. So I need an alternative way to access mobile admin.
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  • Mobile Admin -  What We're Working On

    To receive updates on the Mobile Admin roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page   Below is a list of items we're working on for the next release of Mobile Admin.  Let us know what you think. Live Demo S...
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  • What Are We Working on for Mobile Admin - Updated April 1, 2015

    To receive updates on the Mobile Admin roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page.   The Mobile Admin team is currently focused on bugs or other issues and we are in the process of putting together our longer te...
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  • Getting "maximum message size quota has been exceeded" message

    When I click on a SolarWinds server on the Manage Services page, I get a message saying that "The maximum message size quota for incoming messages (65536) has been exceeded. To increase the quota, use the MaxReceivedM...
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  • Seeing a server three times

    I added a server to MA and now I am seeing it listed three times on the Servers page. Any ideas how this happened?
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  • Can Not Add Printers Service

    Anyone else having problems adding the Printers service in Mobile Admin?  I have 3 print servers.  Two printer servers are running Windows Server 2003 Standard.  The 3rd print server is running Windows ...
    Forrest Dean
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  • RSA Authentication

    What version(s) and which agents are supported (Windows, IIS, Apache)? I found this feature request: RSA 7.x 64-bit Two Factor Authentication Support Is this still true? I installed the latest Windows Agent 7.2.1 a...
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  • Mobile Admin and Locked User Account Alerts

    I cannot find where this alert is truly configured. I have Active Directory added as a service on my mobile device, I assume that's why I get the notification of locked user accounts (because I do not get these notifi...
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  • Is there any production development happening? Is there a Roadmap?

    Hello Solarwinds.   Is there any product development happening with Mobile Admin? Is there a Roadmap which shows what the future holds?   At this time I see little point in renewing maintenance on the pro...
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  • Mobile admin 8.2  and vcenter 5.1

    Mobile admin 8.2 I add a 'manage hosts' server running vcenter 5.1, but when scanning services service 'VMware Infrastructure Client' not found, if I add it manually after the user name and password I get a message ...
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  • Cannot connect unless I am on VPN

    Just finished installation and I find that I cannot connect from my Android phone unless I am connected over VPN. What should I check? Firewall is disabled on the MA server. Thanks.
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  • How to access mobile admin outside of the network

    Good Afternoon, I was wondering the best way to access mobile admin outside of the network. For instances using 4G through Verizon to access it. Reason being I really do not want a wireless access point on our interna...
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  • I am unable to authenticate to Remedy to setup a service.

    I authenticate via the Remedy webclient.  I recieve this error:  Error (623): Authentication failed; Is there any documentation that talks more detail then the one in the admin guide?  What are the R...
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  • Windows Phone app for Mobile Admin?

    Hi. Can you please work on an Windows Phone app as well for Mobile Admin? We deploy Windows Phone for all out staff including in IT and have just deployed Solar Winds monitoring server. Will be good to have the Mobile...
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  • Mobile Admin 8.2 Release Candidate is Now Available!

    Hi All,   Mobile Admin 8.2 Release Candidate 1 is now available. MA 8.2 includes the following updates:   Live Demo Server for Mobile Admin Usability improvementsImproved Android navigation Full iOS 7 Sup...
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  • Mobile Admin 8.2 Beta Now Available

    Hi All,   MA 8.2 Beta 1 is now available. MA 8.2 includes the following updates:   Live Demo Server for Mobile Admin Usability improvements Improved Android navigation Full iOS 7 Support (iOS 7 Compatibi...
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  • windows phone 8 devices?

    We currently use Mobile Admin in our environment but have some engineers including myself that have switched to the windows mobile devices and really miss the mobile admin app.  Any plans to release an app for th...
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  • Force Rescan...

    I notice nearly every service or host when you add it has the option "Force Rescan" and by the default this is set to "OFF"   Can I ask what does this option do, and what's the impact of it being enabled?  ...
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  • The Mobile Admin server must have a local Domino server....

    Found the technote below, unregistered and re registered the DLL but I have the same issue. The Rove server has a Domino instance on it and is up and running. R8.5.3 on Windows 2008 I also ran CMD elevated to run the...
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  • mobile admin feeds for lockedout users

    Is there a way to filter the lockedout accounts to only those locked out within the past 24 hours?
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