• About THWACK

    Hi,   I am new to THWACK, so can anyone say how to proceed in this THWACK   Thanks.
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  • What's the dress code for Thwack Camp?

    For those who will be onsite for TC17. Regrettably, my tux won't be back from the cleaners in time...
  • Need some information

    Hl sir I'm new here
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  • Alert for only one drive on a particular windows server

    I have a win2012 server with multiple logical drives. I want to set email alert for only D drive so an email is triggered if the space is less than 100 GB or available space is below 10%. How do create a trigger for o...
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  • WHD Reports

    Hi All,   Looking for some help (yet again, I hear you all cry...........)   Ok so I have been asked if there is a report you can run or create which allows you to tell how tickets are being logged. Eg Vi...
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    created by kwallace