• IIS monitoring issue related to powershell and user permission

    Hi,   We are setting up IIS monitoring and facing some difficulties ...it seems the issue is with user which we are using for monitoring.We have below queries regarding pre-requisites...   1.We are already...
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  • Dell hardware sensors not showing for all nodes

    I have now moved my monitoring to SNMP for my Dell Hyper-V Hosts but I am getting mixed results after I refresh their resources to setup monitoring.   Here are some examples of this: Dell PowerEdge R710 with Op...
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  • Asset Inventory data missing

    I have eleven 2019.4 version SolarWinds apps running and I am recently noticing a problem with Windows devices not showing any Asset Inventory data at all. The "Last Inventory Collection" timestamp for each of these n...
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  • 2019.4 broke our Linux SAM

    We upgraded to 2019.4 and it broke SAM on our Linux hosts.  We raised a case with support and it took escalating it with Solarwinds Account Manager to get any traction.   Long story short after a week we ar...
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  • Hardware Details Widget is hidden

    I'm trying to add hardware details widget to my dashboard. Although the widget is there, when I add it and submit, it still doesn't appear. When I customize my view, I see the widget, but it says it's hidden. How do I...
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  • Solarwinds console often getting error - "The file '/Orion/Login.aspx' has not been pre-compiled, and cannot be requested."

    Hi All,   Need your help to fix the reoccurring issue on solarwinds webconsole.   I have followed the below fix suggested by solarwinds   Success Center   Success Center   No luck. Is t...
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  • Linux Monitorring via SNMP vs Agent + SNMP

    I've encountered an issue, specifically on a handful of RHEL 7 boxes, where I can add a node and configure monitoring using SNMPv3 without an issue. After SNMP monitoring had been in place for a bit the agent was inst...
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  • AppInsight for IIS - Remove monitoring for one site (not just unmanage).

    As the title says, is there any way to remove monitoring entirely for one site? I know about the unmanage function, but I don't want it be unmanaged, I want it to be gone entirely. I can't seem to figure out a way to ...
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  • PostgreSQL App Monitor - Can't open lib '/usr/lib/psqlodbc.so' : file not found

    I'm having a lot of problems trying to setup the PostgreSQL SAM. I'm to the point now where the debug logs/UI show the following error.   ODBC data srouce returned an error. [01000] [unixODBC] [Driver Manager] C...
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  • Upgrading OS on Windows nodes

    Hello,   I'm currently working on a project where we're upgrading all of our Windows nodes from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2016. I've upgraded a few nodes, but when I attempt to reinstall the agent...
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  • SQL Alerts

    Hi guys, recently deployed NPM/SAM/DPA and noticed there were only 2 out of the box alerts for SQL (DB file size and latency).   Which SQL metrics are the most critical in your experience as I need to create mor...
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  • Widget with Search and DropDown menu / Groupped By Option

    Hi All   Question #1:   I am trying to find a way how to create a widget with search option AND additional dropdown menu, something similar to "Search for Nodes".   Let me give you an example of what...
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  • Availability and redundancy

    Has anyone worked with monitoring availability in an environment with redundant systems?   For example, I have a group named "Active Directory" that contains all 4 of my domain controller nodes.   ...
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  • How are you managing your monitoring scripts?

    Systems admins, you're writing powershell and other automation scripts constantly. How do you manage these?
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  • Is your inbox growing out of control?

    I expanded all my Outlook folders and was amazed at the size and number of folders I have created. So the question is: Is your inbox growing out of control?
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  • How many AWS instances are you monitoring in Orion?

    We’re looking to provide more insight into your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. But first, we need to know a little about what you’re dealing with.   Please note that you may receive a follow-...
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  • How looks your MS Lync IT environment?

    Tell us how (if) did you installed/integrated MS Lync in your IT environment.
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  • IRS Computer Tips. How do you ensure your company's emails are safe?

    Seeing as how the IRS had seven key hard drive "crashes" recently and coincidentally canceled their backup service at about the same time, I was thinking thwack may be able to offer some tech tips. So, the question is...
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  • The Orion decks are up!

    The Orion decks are up!  :-)  
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  • Server & Application Monitor (SAM) 2019.4 Is Now Generally Available

    I'm pleased to announce that Server & Application Monitor (SAM) 2019.4 is now available and can be downloaded from Customer Portal and solarwinds.com. In prior releases, SAM 6.9.x brought our AppInsight monitoring...
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