• [SWQL] Custom queries with text/hyperlink within table

    Hi,   First of all, apologies for the lengthy inquiry and if this is posted in the wrong section, I'm quite new to SWQL. So here goes, as per the title, there are a few inquiries regarding the matter:   1....
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  • CPU/MEM Process Snapshot

    If you use the agent you should run this in local host execution mode, if you do not then you would run it in remote host.   Collects the CPU loads for 1 minute then averages the loads and reports the top proces...
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  • CPU Spike - What Caused It?

    I often get alerts showing CPU reached 100%.  This is good, however by the time I get to looking at the issue, it's gone.  How can I go "back in time" to determine what process was causing my CPU to spike?
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  • Smart Card authentication for SAM individual accounts

    Hello!   I want to be able to use Smart Card login for SAM application users that do NOT have Windows AD accounts on the local domain. Everything I am finding has instructions for either configuring SAM to direc...
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  • Server Uptime Report / Last Reboot Report

    I needed a report for the boss that answered the question of how long our servers have been running since last reboot. This is to ensure we are properly rebooting servers every month after the patch cycle. We have o...
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  • SQL Server Agent - HA Configuration

    I have an alert configured using a Windows Service Monitor. I have two servers in an active/passive cluster where the Agent only runs on the active server. However, the alert is triggering on the server that is passiv...
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  • Alert for Windows Event ID

    Is there a way I can have SolarWinds capture the occurrence of a particular event ID in Windows?  A usage case would be to have the product alert us when the event ID appears indicating a certificate is about to ...
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  • Web Request Monitor (CURL)

    Has anyone been able to use curl in a SAM component monitor successfully?   Any examples or templates? I searched for curl but did not find anything.   I see this post for using PowerShell but this vendor ...
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  • AppInsight for Exchange - Remote Configuration Failed

    !!!RESOLVED!!!   After rereading all the support articles it looked like the issue was caused by the authentication providers being in the wrong order within IIS     Hey everyone   I've been ha...
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  • Remote DNS lookup Script

    This Remote DNS lookup script is designed to accommodate when you need to query SPECIFIC IP's to quantify that they are working. There is a count of failed IP's, and this can be run locally to observe what IP's happen...
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  • Event Log Monitor Issues - User account locked out

    I setup the User Account lockout template to monitor the event log and to send out an alert when an account gets locked out.  Below is the component monitor setup.  I am spinning my wheels here trying to fig...
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  • Does Orion need SNMP traps from Windows servers being monitored with "Windows" option (WMI)?

    Hello. I've learned that our Windows servers are sending us nearly 500 traps a second.   We monitor all of our Windows nodes via the "Windows" option. We do not use agents. My understanding is that this monitori...
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  • Add New Account - AD account search hangs

    Starting within the last week, whenever I try to add a new AD user or group to Orion access, the "Search for Account" process hangs and doesn't come back with any results, which obviously prevents me from adding any n...
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  • How to monitor GPFS partition mounted on Unix / Linux?

    We have several monitored Linux servers that mount a remote GPFS filesystem. The server owner wants to monitor the mount point (not the GPFS filesystem in the IBM cluster) so we know if the remote filesystem gets unmo...
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  • SAM Exceeded Licenses

    Hello,   We have exceeded our SAM License.  This means we have 560 Unlicensed Component Monitors.   I am going to review and disable components to free up component licenses.   I do not se...
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  • "Windows Update monitor" misreporting 43843 'days since last update'

    Hello everyone,   We've recently made use of this template, and very pleased with it, apart from a number of outliers that are misreporting.   The servers in question have all recently installed updates, b...
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  • 2019.4 broke our Linux SAM

    We upgraded to 2019.4 and it broke SAM on our Linux hosts.  We raised a case with support and it took escalating it with Solarwinds Account Manager to get any traction.   Long story short after a week we ar...
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  • Corruption in APM_ApplicationTemplate table.

    After our last upgrade we are seeing corruption on the SQL table APM_ApplicationTemplate.   DBCC CHECKTABLE (Orion.dbo.APM_ApplicationTemplate) found 173 errors and repaired 0 errors. Elapsed time: 0 hours 0 min...
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  • configurations Rabbit MQ linux red hat.

    how to configuration  RabbitMQ in lunux red hat this error  show for all components  "       Testing on node scchib4mb-01: failed with 'Down' status. Testing on node 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx...
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  • What We're Working On For Server & Application Monitor (Updated December, 2019)

    The latest release of Server & Application Monitor (SAM) is available on solarwinds.com and in your customer portal.   See the release notes for a comprehensive look at the features contained within. >...
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