• How are you managing your monitoring scripts?

    Systems admins, you're writing powershell and other automation scripts constantly. How do you manage these?
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  • Powershell monitor

    Hello,   I'm having issue with a simple script to monitor expiration of certificates on our NPS servers.   I wrote a simple script:   $certident=(Get-ItemProperty -Path Registry::HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\S...
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  • Help connecting from SAM 6.9.1 to Websphere 8.0 on windows server 2016

    I can't seem to find any instructions on SolarWinds site. Everything references linux. Any help out there? Using JMX monitoring.
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  • Can SAM monitor both Azure Gov Cloud and Azure Commercial Cloud?

    Hello folks.   We use both Government and Commercial Cloud.   I see there are Advanced Configuration settings where I could point to Government:       But then I would break Commercial Cl...
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  • A Quest!  Find hardware resources that are hiding from The Eye of Orion

    Recently, while wandering through the 'List Resources' page of a dark node, I discovered several enchanted fixed disks that were not being watched by the Eye of Orion. Being unnerved, but not paralyzed by fright, I un...
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  • BizTalk service monitoring

    I need to configure monitoring and alerting for 45 BizTalk services.  I'm not sure the easiest way to do this.   Do I have to edit the BizTalk Server 2010-2013 Availability Status template so that all 45 se...
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  • Alerts/Jobs

    Hi,   How can i generate a report what kind of alerts or Jobs configured for a specific Pollers.   Regards, Krissh
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  • SAM - SQL Alert Trigger Action and Reset Action

    Hi All   Hopefully you guys can steer me in the right direction ?   I have created a custom component monitor which queries a SQL database table and then calculates a return value of the below   >...
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  • Powershell script for storage controller driver version

    I wants to monitor storage controller driver version.   I have created below script for the same.   $StorageDriverVersion = ((Get-WmiObject Win32_PnPSignedDriver| select DeviceName, DriverVersion | Where {...
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  • Oh MIB's Where art thou?

    Sup party people!   I am searching for ESXI 6.5 MIB location.   The only docs I can find from VMware KB says it is /usr/share/snmp/mibs. However, that is not the location on my host.   I have been d...
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  • Duplicate Application of the same name assigned for each node added to Template

    Let me start with the environment this incident has happened:   Orion Platform: 2019.2 HF2 SAM: 6.9.1   So, what started out to be a fix on our issue related to Group members NOT being assigned to an appl...
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    created by sploy
  • Azure API Polling

    Microsoft provides an incredibly rich set of REST APIs, see REST API Browser | Microsoft Docs  I'm curious, what APIs do you want to see OOTB support for from the Azure suite? I've provided some options below, ...
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  • Splunking SAM

    Is anyone Splunking the Orion/SAM logs?
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  • Processor Queue Lenght

    So i just updated my orion instance so i now have SAM @ 6.9.1 and was looking at the new to me app insight for active directory and i see now that in this view it reports the processor queue lenght on the DC.   ...
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  • NOC_Citrix NetScaler Services and Couters

    Metrics for Citrix NetScalers
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  • AIX (1)

    This template assesses the performance of the AIX operating system installed on the target server. Perl scripts are used for monitoring the performance of queries. Prerequisites: SSH and Perl installed on the target s...
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  • Custom Monitor of Metrics Derived from an Application Database

    I'm new to Solarwinds and having a hard time finding the options and best approach to achieve my goal. I have an application that has a process which converts rows in a table from one state to another. I want to trac...
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  • Moving Content from View to View

    Is it possible to move content from one View to another? I know you can move between tabs on one view, but it would be nice to move charts from page to page, as well.
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  • Linux Agent Deployment

    Linux Agent Deployment   Add Node Wizard - Push Deployment Manual - Pull Deployment Mass Deployment - Repository   Add Node Wizard - Push Deployment  Deploying the Linux Agent to an in...
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  • Help with creating SolarWinds report.

    Hi All   I have a group or a folder called Data. Inside Data I have a number of sub-groups and inside each sub-group I have a number of MSWindows physical servers. I need to create a report that will list all ob...
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