• Looking for a SAM template for file version

    I am looking for a SAM template that I can use to get a particular file version on assigned Windows servers.   The parameter passed would be ${DNS} and I would embed the path to the file into the script.   ...
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  • WMI Credentials

    Can someone point me in the direction of the specifics for the WMI credentials needed for application monitor please?  My server team is asking for more details and I would like to see if I can send them a concis...
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  • Trigger action standards?

    I'm curious to know what, if anything, people have come up with for trigger action standards?  I have the opportunity and necessity to revamp our Alerts so I figured I'd implement some standards while I do it. &#...
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  • SSL Certificate Expiration Date Monitor

    I'm looking for a way to pass more information into the alert that is triggered when I use this component. Specifically, I'm looking for the same information seen when you expose the details produced after using the t...
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  • Unable to poll services on a server

    I have added some Linux servers on the primary Poller engine through installing the package on the server. Although, the servers are not being polled even after trying to rediscover it. Can anyone suggest what could b...
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  • Bug with Volume Alerts using 'Orion General Thresholds'

    This might be a long post and I apologize in advance.  It requires some background on how we implemented alerts and discovered an odd behavior with Orion resetting the alert during database maintenance and immedi...
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  • Download evaluation version of SRM v6.7

    Hi ,   I have windows server 2012 R2 in my environment and i want to install Storage Resource monitor to monitor the Ocenstore storage devices. I knew latest version of SRM v6.9 is not compatible with Wn2012 R2....
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  • Create tabular report for given IPs showing current & avg CPU Load.

    I am working to create a tabular report for given IPs showing current CPU load & avg CPU Load for each day (for past 30 days). So something like Hostname IP Current CPU Load Avg CPU Load (current_day-1) Avg CPU ...
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    Hello,   I have about 1500 Hyper-V hosts already in monitoring. I originally added these with a network discovery, but left out the volumes (C:\ D:\ E:\) because at the time, we couldn't monitor them due to lack ...
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  • Component "Service Status - SNMP" will return what status when service monitoring down

    When I read "How to config" of component "Service Status - SNMP", I see component "Service Status - SNMP" when return 4 status of service monitoring like picture but it not mention when service down, component "Servic...
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  • How to add the AD Description attribute into the email alert Trigger Actions ?

    Hi All,   How can I add the Active Directory "Description" field into the existing email alert in Solarwinds SAM v6.9?   I have customized the template like below, but not sure how to add the most importan...
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  • File Change Monitor - MD5 Checksum

    SAM has a MD5 checksum option under file change monitor component but to my surprise only 1 file can be added at a time per component ! I have a bunch of files under a folder that requires MD5 checksum. I am not sure...
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  • SAM

    I need to setup Monitoring via APP Sight for only my database and not my mailboxes would this be possible? 
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  • Script to find staled NFS Mount Points in Linux through Perl

    I found a script on the internet that kind of meets my needs of finding a script to determine if a linux machine has a staled NFS Mount Point.  I tweeked the script a little bit to fit my environment and I have c...
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  • Installing SAM Agent

    When I go through the steps to create an MSI for the agent, it produces an MSI that I am able to successfully install. However, the node never shows up in the console. If I add the same node through the "Add Node" wiz...
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  • Log file monitoring search string

    Is it possible to use special characters in a search string when using log parser? I'm trying to search in a log file for a string that matches severity="1" but it returns all lines that matches severity. It doesn't l...
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  • Can I truncate table ResponseTime_CS_cur ?

    The database is growing fast enough. For a month, the size of the database increases by about 10 gigabytes. Now the largest table is ResponseTime_CS_cur. Is it safe to truncate it? I have already truncated the traps ...
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  • New help with setting up alerts containing VBScript

    Hi All,   I am completely new to Solarwinds and would like some help on setting up alerts containing Vb Script. I have been tasked with adding an alert that goes out and reads a .txt file and if it finds the wor...
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  • How to configure Windows PowerShell Monitor's execution mode to use "Remote Host"?

    I know our windows boxes have WinRM 2.0 or above so I am using default port number 5985. What I am confused about is "Use HTTPS Protocol:" and "URL prefix:" When I test with the default values, monitor fails with do...
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  • Agent

    Hi all,   We are currently running SAM 6.7.   We have ~500 servers across different ~50 sites.   Is it possible to add an Agent to a default Server build, so that when the new server comes on lin...
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