• $20,000 for 100 Node SAM License?

    I was working on setting up my Solarwinds lab environment to do some testing/experimenting and to have a lab environment first to apply updates and see if anything breaks.  I have access to some of the NFR softwa...
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  • Is Support out for the day?

    I was wondering if anyone knew if technical support was out for the day?  I opened a ticket this morning and it is still in "Not Started" status.  So I called and never reached anyone left my number to get a...
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    created by justin.alcorta
  • Alert Engine - Maximum Rules Processed.

    Currently we have somewhere around a little less than 200 active alert rules that the alert engine has to process in our Orion deployment.  I'm wondering if there is a maximum number of alert rules that the alert...
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    created by nglynn
  • Solarwinds Agent installtion Failed on Windows

    Hello Community!!   Seeking your help.... we are trying to install an agent manually on the target server and agent installation getting failed with the below error.   Port communication from Target to S...
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  • IIS App Pool Status with Powershell

    I realize AppInsight can do this out of the box, but for various reasons AppInsight isn't an option. I'm trying to get the status of an application pool and display it using a Powershell monitor, but having an issue w...
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  • SSL Certificate Expiration Date Error: Connection closed. Transport failed! Closing the connection... Exception message: Last available ssl protocol failed

    I am getting this error on the SSL Certificate Expiration Date Monitor: Transport failed! Closing the connection... Exception message: Last available ssl protocol failed   Has anyone seen this before? i can see ...
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  • Adding links to SolarWinds Email Alerts (ie Link to "Real-Time Event Viewer")

    I'm looking to make our SolarWinds a "one-stop shop". Currently our monitoring does its job and emails an alert as expected. What I would like to have is as much useful information in that email alert as possible. Na...
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  • SAM 6.9.1 PerfStack not loading nodes

    Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?   After upgrading to SAM 6.9.1 attempting to view node entities in PerfStack never returns results. I am not seeing any error messages, just can't get past the loadin...
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  • Deployment Check Can't Connect to Engine, localhost in URL

    I have additional polling engines.  One of them shows up in Deployment Health with an error saying it can't connect to the swis.  I have looked in the DB table and the polling engine has the correct IP addre...
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  • How To Create A SAM Report That Will List All Alerts That Each Assigned Application Template Could Trigger?

    I want to create a SAM report that will show all assigned Application Templates and a list of Alerts that each assigned Application Template could trigger.  Also, keep in mind that each monitoring component in th...
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  • Configure ForgeRock OpenAM for single sign-on login to the Orion Web Console

    I am hoping that somebody might have experience or insight regarding Orion SAML 2.0.   I have been tasked to provide SSO login for Orion. I attempted to follow this guideline: Authenticate Orion Platform users ...
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    last modified by natetech@yahoo.com
  • Corruption in APM_ApplicationTemplate table.

    After our last upgrade we are seeing corruption on the SQL table APM_ApplicationTemplate.   DBCC CHECKTABLE (Orion.dbo.APM_ApplicationTemplate) found 173 errors and repaired 0 errors. Elapsed time: 0 hours 0 min...
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  • AppInsight making huge IIS log files

    I am new to using Solarwinds.  I pushed AppInsight for Exchange out to all my Exchange 2016 servers.  I am seeing a lot of good information, but on each Exchange server, IIS is using 100 times the disk space...
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  • Report on Muted and Unmanaged Entities

    I'm looking for an SQL/SWQL query or Report that will  show all muted and/or unmanaged entities in Orion with from and to dates and the user name that has made this configuration.  Currently I have two separ...
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    last modified by forstgre
  • SAM 2019.4 Monitor Unknown Issue

    We are seeing several SAM monitors go unknown, then after anywhere from a few minutes to an hour come back up.     Anyone else seeing this behavior?
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    last modified by rcbarr
  • How to configure Solarwinds with weblogic and takeout components value at runtime through it.

    Hello Everyone,   I am new to solarwinds. I've been assigned a task to configure Solarwinds with weblogic and take out the values of below components for monitoring purpose.   1. Server state 2. stucked t...
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  • linux / unix script monitor with agent

    Is the linux / unix script monitor supported when using an agent?  I believe the answer is no for SAM and yes for NPM but want to make sure.   SAM - Monitor with Orion agents in SAM NPM - Success Center
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  • Alert configuration object type changed from Orion.APM.Application to APM: Application in Solarwinds 2019.4

    I have an alert definition that looks for applications whose status has recently escalated from Warning to Critical. Specifically, the alert trigger looks for active alerts on applications where AlertConfigurations.Ob...
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    created by m-milligan
  • How to monitor response time on a port which is an external link

    Hi Guys I'm new to SolarWinds, so there are plenty of External servers that are providing services on different ports. for example x.y.w.z:8090 is a Database which is answering the queries or m.n.l.p:7030 is a web se...
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    last modified by mote.keyvan
  • You can start services remotely using an alert or a scrip

    example when a server is monitored by agent and this fails without the need to enter by CPR to be able to start the service remotely from the orion console, from powershell wmi rpc or by some other means.
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