• NPM Routing Alerts who uses it.

    Hi, I thought saving the number of elements but it looks like I need this to monitor. I got question on the configuring the NPM under the List Resources -  Device Name (device that you monitor) and the checklis...
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  • NPM and NTA correlation reports

    Hi Everyone , I need help on understating the reports of NPM and NTA on how to correlate NPM to NTA report.   The total bandwidth of the interface is 800Mbps and the current utilization is 250Mbps.  When ...
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    created by lmantonio
  • Edit "Polling Method"

    I have pushed the agent to a DC and during the "Manage as Node"; under the Polling Method, under "additional Monitoring Options: - I checked the "Windows Server 2008 - 2012 Domain Controller Security". I did not need...
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  • SQL Encryption

    I need to change the communication setting on my NTA server to encrypt the communications to the SQL server. on all my other SW server I was able to run the Config Wizard, but the NTA server does not have CW installed...
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    created by glenn.ward