SolarWinds Virtualization Manager and SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor (WPM) are now integrated into SolarWinds’ Orion technology backbone for more comprehensive insight into IT infrastructure performance. This integration also allows the insertion of critical virtualization and Web performance data within SolarWinds’ AppStack dashboard for greater visibility into the health and performance of applications.


What is Orion?

Orion is the unique platform technology that is the backbone of many SolarWinds solutions across network (performance, traffic, configuration, IP addresses, etc.), systems (servers and applications, storage) and beyond. Orion collects data on the health of these various IT infrastructure components and displays the results in a common, easy-to-understand dashboard. Monitoring functionalities include reporting and alerting and management functionalities include built-in remediation actions like starting/stopping processes, deleting snapshots, starting websites and more.


With Orion modules for virtualization and Web performance monitoring, SolarWinds empowers IT pros to share critical performance metrics and data among other modules within Orion. This information is also now visible in the AppStack dashboard, so that IT pros can see the status and relationships among website user experience, applications, servers, and virtual and storage infrastructure layers. By having complete visibility from the array to the application, users are able to pinpoint the source of application performance issues in seconds.


SolarWinds Virtualization Manager provides comprehensive VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V capacity planning, performance monitoring, VM sprawl control, configuration management, and chargeback automation. With new integration into the Orion technology backbone and AppStack dashboard-enablement, Virtualization Manager shows the datastore level of detail that bridges the critical details from Storage Resource Monitor to Server & Application Monitor.

  • IT pros can troubleshoot a virtual environment with visibility from a virtual machine all the way through the storage environment.
  • Orion functionality empowers users to take action on their virtual infrastructures (e.g., start/stop/reboot a VM), allowing them to delegate operational tasks to non-virtual admins or teams (such as helpdesk) without providing access to a hypervisor.
  • IT pros can create and delete virtual snapshots from within the Orion console.
  • The Web-based alerting engine allows users to create custom alerts that can trigger scripts and actions when thresholds are met.


SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor helps IT pros troubleshoot Web application performance issues for internal or customer-facing uses (CRM, ERP, help desk, intranet), providing powerful and easy website monitoring for applications on both sides of the firewall. With full Orion functionality and AppStack dashboard integration, customers can find the root cause of application performance issues across website and infrastructure resources all in a single pane of glass. With SolarWinds WPM, IT pros can:

  • Map transactions or webpage user experience to underlying infrastructure, including servers, databases, virtual machines or storage infrastructure (monitored via SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor, SolarWinds Virtualization Manager and SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor).
  • Quickly identify whether the issue is in the front-end or back-end infrastructure.
  • Prioritize infrastructure performance issues by providing context of the user experience.


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