SolarWinds’ new AppStack dashboard integrates the monitoring of applications, servers, storage resources and virtualization into single pane of glass to show the status of all IT infrastructure components that ultimately impact an application and its user, anticipating the common question, “what’s causing the application problem?” Now IT pros can see the application dependencies among applications, servers, virtual servers and storage infrastructure to locate the problem and can correlate events and performance across multiple domains.


SolarWinds’ AppStack is not a standalone product, but rather a capability built into SolarWinds’ systems management products to provide a complete view of the interconnected components of an IT infrastructure. Born from SolarWinds’ Orion technology backbone, AppStack provides a strategic IT performance management platform with which an IT pro can customize and launch an IT infrastructure monitoring and management solution for the specific needs of any organization and can grow and change that solution as the organization grows and changes.


  • Components include SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) for full insight from array to application, SolarWinds Virtualization Manager for performance of virtual infrastructures, and SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) for critical storage array data, as well as SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor (WPM) for insight into the performance of web-based applications. Each unique product includes the AppStack dashboard for the components it manages, allowing users to start with a single focus and/or add more functionality and visibility as needed.
  • Functionality: IT pros can simply click on a particular application and the AppStack dashboard will automatically highlight all of its underlying infrastructure components to help IT pros pinpoint the potential problem areas of application failure (while also reducing extraneous noise common in large environments). With distinct status indicators, they can then localize the malfunctioning asset – be it the storage array, pool, data store, host, server, application, etc. – and take immediate action to fix the problem.
  • Customization: IT organizations can build custom AppStack dashboards for specific teams to prioritize their monitoring and can filter by application, group, node, and more while also able to gain visibility into other parts of the infrastructure that might ultimately impact or be impacted by their domain. This also helps the overall collaboration among IT teams/silos.


More info: SolarWinds AppStack Dashboard