The new SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) provides IT pros with the necessary insight into storage resources and their consequent impact on virtual environments to ultimately ensure business-critical application performance. With SolarWinds SRM’s real-time visibility into heterogeneous SAN and NAS arrays and integration with the Orion technology backbone’s virtualization, server and application monitoring components, IT pros can see into an IT environment from array to application.


SolarWinds SRM collects storage resource data to provide greater context into overall storage performance, allowing IT pros access to status, customizable UI dashboards, streamlined permissions, custom properties, alerting, role-based access control, and more.

  • Orion integration allows integration with SolarWinds’ AppStack dashboard, which delivers critical data from SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) and SolarWinds Virtualization Manager, giving IT Pros end-to-end visibility into the underlying IT infrastructure to better troubleshoot application issues. Orion capabilities also allow SolarWinds SRM to provide configurable automatic alerting, event monitoring and reporting.
  • SolarWinds SRM supports common array vendors including new NetApp Cluster-mode, NetApp 7-mode, NetApp E-series family, IBM N-series, EMC VNX & VNX2 family EMC Celerra, and Dell EqualLogic PS Series, among others.
  • With real-time NAS and SAN performance monitoring, IT pros can quickly isolate I/O hotspots to identify what’s causing a problem before it can impact the solution.
  • SolarWinds SRM monitors storage capacity with projected growth rates, giving IT pros the visibility to predict when capacity will be reached to properly plan storage capacity growth.


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