One, one thousand; two, one thousand; three, one thousand; four, one thousand; five, one thousand.


Five seconds may not sound like a long time, but imagine if it took your browser as long as it did to read that first sentence to load this webpage. You may very well have moved on. Our on-demand, always-connected world has driven our expectations for fast response times and flawless performance through the roof. In essence, slow is the new broke. This concept, while almost ubiquitous, is especially apparent when it comes to applications.


Apps dominate our lives at work, at home and at play. So, when an app we rely on—whether for a business critical function or otherwise—doesn’t perform as needed, productivity, revenue and overall end user satisfaction suffers, often greatly. This was the focus of a recent SolarWinds global survey of more than 1,800 business end users. The key findings of which were:


  • The app is the heart of business and its performance is the lifeblood of success
  • Reliance on apps is high, end user expectations are even higher
  • IT continues to struggle to ensure application performance and availability


Consider these top supporting statistics:


  • 91 percent of global business end users said app performance and availability affects their ability to do their job, with 65 percent saying it has become more important over the past five years
  • 66 percent said they expect app performance and availability problems to be resolved within an hour of reporting them, with 34 percent expecting a resolution in a half hour or less
  • 83 percent contacted their IT department in the past year due to an app performance or availability issue, with more than one-third having done so six times or more


As an IT Pro, this should be a concern. Why? Because ultimately, you will be held responsible for app performance, regardless of whether the app resides within your infrastructure or in the cloud. Given the anytime, anywhere demand for consumption of IT resources, poor visibility into converged infrastructures and outdated management of the application stack (AppStack), or the application delivery chain comprised of the application and all the backend IT that supports it—software, middleware and extended infrastructure required for performance—can break a business.


Various products within the SolarWinds IT management portfolio are designed to help answer, “Why is the app running slow?,” enabling IT Pros to go from the application down, or from the hardware infrastructure up, to quickly identify and troubleshoot “fires” in an app environment. This top to bottom visibility helps IT organizations to better predict, prioritize and resolve issues before the end user and the business are affected.


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