Input from our users and the community will always be important to our business. When you design and build IT management products for IT pros, that feedback is essential and so we listen.


Lately, we’ve heard the growing concern and frustration with overly aggressive sales reps and tactics.


When an organization grows as rapidly as we have, there can be challenges in making sure that all members of our global team understand how we want to work with our customers and prospects. We’re committed to providing you with a quality experience and recognize that we may not be succeeding for a number of folks. We can do better.


In order to help us improve our interaction and conversations, you now have direct access to our Senior Sales Management team to share feedback and frustrations in real-time. Think of it as our “How’s our Selling?” hotline.


  • Contact us via phone (+1 512.498.6510) and email ( These messages will route directly to all SolarWinds sales VPs, SVPs and EVPs.


  • Within 48 hours of sending feedback, you will get a personal response from a VP and we will take immediate action to correct the situation.


We have on-boarding and ongoing training programs for our sales representatives and we will use any feedback we get to work on improving our engagements with customers. While we may not always get it right, we are committed to working hard to make it right.

Good, bad or ugly... we want to hear what you have to say. 

David Gardiner

SVP, SolarWinds Sales