No one said it better than the great Bob Dylan. Indeed, for IT pros, “the times they are a-changin’.”


That is by far and away the prevailing message from the results of our recently conducted New IT Survey, which provides an in-depth look at the evolving role of IT, including its drivers, needed skillsets and how IT pros view their role within what can be called the new IT environment.


As technology has grown in scale and power, influencing the way we work, play and communicate, the role of the IT professional has become increasingly important. The day of the old IT is behind us; we’re now in an age where IT pros are more than simply a technical resource, they’re heroes. Indeed, behind every successful business is a team of great IT pros.


However, as the survey highlights, being a hero isn’t easy. Today’s IT pros are universally affected by increasing infrastructure complexity, and the need to adapt to disruptive technologies and acquire new IT skillsets are the name of the game. Not to mention the fact that IT pros are now being called on to step outside the comfortable confines of their technical world and help their companies make informed, strategic business decisions.


Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the survey’s North America key findings. You can check out additional results across the globe here.


North America Key Findings

  1. Technology’s rise in importance as a core business component may have only been outpaced by the complexity it created. This increasing infrastructure complexity has affected the role of nearly all IT professionals.
    • Ninety-four percent of IT pros agree that infrastructure complexity has affected their role over the past three to five years
    • Over 50 percent of all IT departments now manage virtualization, mobility, compliance, data analytics, SDN/virtual networks, BYOx, cloud computing and self-service automation
  2. Among the results of this IT evolution, IT professionals are now expected and must be prepared to help their companies make informed, strategic business decisions with regard to emerging technologies.
    • Ninety-nine percent of IT pros are given the opportunity to at least occasionally provide guidance to help their companies make strategic business decisions with regard to emerging technologies’
    • Ninety-five percent of IT professionals feel at least “somewhat confident” in their ability to provide such advice; though only 1/3 are completely confident in doing so
  3. Increased infrastructure complexity also means disruptive technology and new IT skills are required to effectively manage networks and systems.
    • More than 50 percent of IT pros view information security and cloud as the top IT skillsets that will grow in demand over the next three to five years
    • BYOx ranked first when survey respondents were asked which emerging technology is the most disruptive to business



Full North America Survey