More than 700 IT managers in six countries – Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, UK and USA – across the globe agreed unanimously that network complexity has impacted their IT role over the past five years.


In the North America, 92 percent of those polled agreed about this, while 85 percent did so in Germany and 80 percent in Australia, Britain and Brazil.


IT professionals in all six countries also are in broad agreement on the main technology, IT operations and business operations challenges driving network complexity: virtualization, BYOD and security.


Compute virtualization scored the most significant technology driver of network complexity for respondents in Australia, UK and Germany, in the IT Professionals Survey conducted by C. White Consulting for SolarWinds. IT professionals in Brazil and North America ranked virtualization as second, behind software-defined networking (SDN) and the introduction of smarter and more complex equipment, respectively.


Bring- your-own-device (BYOD) ranked as the top concern in IT operations drivers for Australia, North America and UK, while German IT pro’s opted for mobility and BYOD, and Brazilians for public cloud or Software as a Service (SAAS) and mobility.


Security was the main driver of network complexity in business operations in all six countries.


Take a look at our infographic covering the North American trends (click the link to download a full-size copy) and then dive into the worldwide data in the embedded slideshares below: