Today, we released the results of a survey that looked into the adoption by UK and German SMEs of today’s key technology trends, specifically Cloud Computing and BYOD.  While the advantages of Cloud Computing and BYOD have been championed by larger enterprises, the study showed that SMEs are still yet to recognize and embrace its far-reaching benefits, despite standing to gain the most from these flexible and cost-effective solutions.


The study found that almost half of UK SMEs do not have a BYOD policy and worryingly those that permit it (24 per cent), said that it goes unmanaged by the IT department.  58 per cent of UK SMEs said that BYOD was not necessary for their business and 42 per cent considered it a security risk.  We think that there is a huge opportunity here for SMEs.  BYOD not only enables them to make significant cost savings, through reduced expenditure on supplying devices but can also lead to improved productivity and staff retention as they are familiar and comfortable using products of their choice.  Security concerns can be addressed through simple, clear policies.


When looking at Cloud Computing, over a third of UK organisations do not plan to adopt a cloud solution of any kind.  Thirty-nine (39%) per cent said that they do not trust cloud solutions, and a third said that they were unaware of the benefits Cloud Computing can bring to their business and saw it as irrelevant.  Again, Cloud Computing represents an opportunity for the SME as it enables them to be more flexible and responsive to market trends, whilst increasing productivity, decreasing costs and reducing the impact on the environment.


As the backbone of the UK economy, SMEs are under increased pressure to compete with global counterparts and operate within tighter budgets. The results of the previous survey in this series found that companies were investing in IT as a strategic business priority. However, a question needs to be asked as to whether they are investing in the most flexible and suitable IT solutions given the nature of the SME business.


Ultimately UK SMEs have the opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition and adopt the right technology, such as Cloud Computing and BYOD, to not only serve them today but also grow with them in the future. This is the second in a series of surveys, which looked at the pressures facing IT managers today. We’ve also looked at which resources IT managers use to stay informed and up to date on the IT industry and whose advice they trust most when making IT software decisions.


For further details, and to see how this picture compares with businesses in Germany, check out the full survey here, or embedded below: