Regardless of making large investments in your network’s security, have you experienced the pain of service unreachability or network breach caused by a seemingly innocuous firewall rule change? Does preparing for an audit or cleaning up your rulebase seem like an impossible task? To top it all, do you really know if your firewalls are doing their job?

The fact is--the time and cost (direct and indirect) involved to make ACL changes really adds up, especially as your rulebase grows more complex over time. A firewall takes time to test and validate to make sure changes are not increasing security exposures or disrupting critical services.

Find how to make the case that firewall management is not really an insurance motivated security program (without measurable impact), but rather an integral part of day to day IT operations with the new SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager (FSM) ROI calculator. With the FSM ROI calculator, you can easily identify gaps in everyday management tasks that drain your operational effectiveness.




Factors influencing ROI

Process inefficiencies are present in every system. Steps must be taken to identify and bridge these gaps, as well as optimize running processes. The first step to achieving this is to recognize factors that directly or indirectly impact cost. This includes:

  • Number of - Firewalls, Firewall Audits
  • Number of - Change Requests, Connectivity Incidents
  • Average time spent - per Change Request, Troubleshooting Connectivity Incidents, preparing a firewall for Audit

All of the above, with the ‘Average loaded cost of an IT professional’ and the ‘Cost of a firewall’, directly influence costs incurred in running a functional firewall security system for your network.

How do these parameters impact cost?

A major share of network downtime is due to badly executed configuration changes caused by manual processes and human errors. Adding to network management woes is a cluttered rulebase with unused and redundant rules not only leaving your network open to attack, but further making security audits painful and tedious tasks to perform, as well as making compliance more difficult to achieve.

How can the FSM ROI calculator help?

With the ROI calculator, one can clearly see the bearing of each parameter/task on costs.

The ROI calculator can help you:

  • Determine, understand and address the tasks that take up most of your time and effort
  • Quantify your project value helps in quick decision making
  • Optimize currently running operations and utilize cost savings for other pressing requirements
  • Add value to your business

So, use this handy calculator to help make the case that a firewall management tool is a great idea--both for your security posture and your organization’s bottom line!

Prove how powerful firewall analytics, automated audits, rule analysis, change modeling, and built-in reporting convert to operational efficiencies, and in turn, major cost savings for your company.

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With feature enhancements to change analytics for IOS and newly added Juniper SRX support, SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager v6.5 helps you simulate and predict how rule changes can impact traffic flow on the network, as well as further enhance your security and compliance. Try SolarWinds FSM for yourself and start simplifying firewall configuration management, reducing errors, increasing efficiencies, and saving money!

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