Today, we released the results of a survey that looked into IT spending by SMEs in the UK and Germany. We’re heartened to see that investment in IT management software appears to have survived the inevitable recession-driven budget cuts implemented by many businesses, and most companies are continuing to invest in IT as a strategic priority.


Worryingly, though, our survey suggested that as much as 87 per cent of the software bought by SMEs in the UK isn’t delivering its full potential. In fact, more than three quarters of companies we spoke to said that, on average, 12 per cent of software purchases aren’t used.


We see many vendors selling products that are expensive, difficult to install and hard to use, so it’s no surprise that companies are struggling to get the most from them. SMEs need to ensure that the software they buy is working hard for them and delivering results from day one. Simplicity is essential and avoiding bundled products which include unnecessary elements will ensure businesses get the best value for money.


This is the first in a series of surveys, and will look at the pressures facing IT managers today. We’ve also taken a look at who looks after IT in SMEs, and the importance of an IT manager. Often, particularly in the very smallest companies, we see business owners taking on responsibility for looking after IT – a dedicated IT manager isn’t in place. But this proves a huge time-sink – in fact, where IT wasn’t their main responsibility one third of UK respondents said that they spend an overwhelming 30 per cent of their time managing IT issues.


For further details, and to see how this picture compares with businesses in Germany, check out the full survey here: