Okay, so maybe some of you saw it coming… maybe you just knew that Q was going to be in our final battle. Maybe some of you knew it would be Spock.

It was pointed out that the ears and the bowl cut was bound to rule… at least to this point, but once again, we give to you, the wrench. This time the battle commences not between the foes, but the contender’s foes. Spock and Q do not battle one another until they have summarily dismissed all their opposition’s former foes… then we’ll let them at each other.


So, how will Q handle Neo, the IID, the Borg, and Number 6?


And how will Spock handle: Vader, the 10th Doctor *grumble*, Kaylee, and River Tam?


Only you know the ways and means, give it to us. Who will be the SolarWinds Sci-Fi Bracket Battle champ?


Midnight: bring it.