Well, here we are, our final four contenders have slotted into place.


I'm sure that Q and River are not even looking at one another... disdain washing over one from the other. I have to ask, when confronted with someone minus one amygdala versus the perpetual manipulator and gamer, really who will come out trapped (or is that truly freed)? Will River read Q's mind or have her own blown in the attempt? Will Q simply underestimate River and leave himself open to harvest? Let's look at cerebral power here. Who will win the battle of the minds?


And then we have the fight to see who might mess up and emote. Spock... will you let that human side show? Number 6... did you really have a part in Caprica 6 going off to be a farmer with Baltar? When pride and love and all those other silly feelings begin their nagging itch, who will fold first?


And so, here we are, edging closer to the final battle... let the games begin.