More than 1000 votes were cast in the Fleet 16, enabling the following challengers to be named the SUPER 8 and matched accordingly.


  • Picard v River
  • Kaylee v Q
  • Borg v Spock
  • Number 6 v T-1000


At this point, I need to take a moment of silence to mourn the untimely demise of the 10th Doctor. 


You all understand what this means, right?  10th now regenerates into the 11th Doctor and we get the Ponds.  UGH. Sigh, only 10 more days until Clara.


Anyway, we are sure that you are waiting with bated breath for the rules for the Super 8 round…  We went back and forth on this one and finally decided that it was time for a good old-fashioned blood sport. 


The Super 8 round will not be fought solely with special powers and combatants must leave their weapons at the door.  We are all set for some hand-to-hand, backyard style brawling.


Brackets are updated and new polls & VOTING will launch at MIDNIGHT.