Well, folks…  we have wrapped up round 1.  More than 3700 votes were cast over the past week, and we learned some really interesting things about y’all.


  • First, The Matrix appears to be pretty universally disliked.  None of those characters made it out of the first round.


  • Next on the “we just don’t care for it” list…  Star Wars.  Apparently, almost as much as you dislike Abrams, which doesn’t bode well for the future of the franchise. Han Solo is the only one to make it through, but he was pitted against a Matrix character (see above).


  • Likewise for the Original Star Trek crew…  Despite the back and forth between Kaylee and Scotty  (who would have predicted that match up as our closest in Round 1?), the only one to survive was Spock against Neo (and, we agree the logic there in unassailable… see above).


As we move into the Fleet 16, we have some pretty impressive match ups.  So, what now?


The commenters over at Fark had some questions about how we would run the second round.  Would we continue with the themes we established for Sector 1 or just let everything hang out?  Well, we are here with the answer.


In addition to being big Sci-Fi fans, we also hold a special place in one of our two hearts for reality TV (that is one of the benefits of having two hearts, more room for love…). And like any good reality competition, it is time to change up the rules a bit for this next round.


For the Fleet 16 match ups, we are giving each character an iconic trait, prop or tool that they will take into battle with them.  It is up to you to determine who then is best prepared to eliminate, neutralize or otherwise render irrelevant their foe.


Now, before everyone gets their exoskeletons in a twist…  a few caveats:


  • Yes. Some of these match ups are decidedly unbalanced.  That happens in brackets.  There is always some Cinderella team that wins the first round game only to face a #2 seed in the next.  Such is life.
  • Maybe.  Could the character use their tool in an unconventional way to manipulate their opponent into defeat?  Sure… that is really up to your interpretation.  That is what makes this fun.  We LOVED all the debate in the first round and obviously want to keep that going.
  • No. We have no expectation that you will be pleased with all of our selections. In fact, we anticipate many of you will be quite put out. But, hey…  passion (in situations like these, at least) begets frustration begets crazy debates (see above).  There might be a little method to this madness.



Voting opens Monday, March 18 at MIDNIGHT, that's 0:00 CDT on the 18th not the 19th.

But you can head over to the bracket now to see the upcoming match ups and what each victor will carry into the next round.