We are deep in the middle of Sector 1 voting (this round closes March 15, noon CT), and already there have been some interesting developments.


You Trekkies are a dedicated lot. We apologize for making you choose between your precious captains so early in the round.  It simply could not be avoided.


If you haven’t voted and are still trying to determine which engineer you would rather have with you deep in the middle of space, or whether Ripley’s history of coming back form the dead gives her an advantage over Hiro, there are some really excellent discussions going on outside of thwack you might want to check out.


One of our favorite IT bloggers, Lone Sysadmin, has his take on the state of five match-ups in particular.  Check it out here.


And, if you feel the need to go deep into the wormhole, head over to Fark and check out the discussion around the Ender v Paul and Vader v Q match ups, among others.


And Richard Hay (@winobs), gave us a shout out earlier today…  We previewed the bracket with a few lucky bloggers at Gestalt IT’s NFD #5 last week.


And, our apologies to the Stargate contingent…  if Q makes it to the second round, perhaps we will bend all the rules in his honor and drop a write-in candidate in the middle of the field just to shake everything up.

                                                       ...Okay, probably not, but we felt we had to throw you some kind of bone.


Speaking of “Fleet 16,” are you curious about the rules of engagement for Round 2… will we continue the themes or, just settle for an all out battle royale? Will we restrain/constrain the competitors to try and even the playing fields…


Let’s just say that it all depends on how you vote. You probably want to stay “plugged in” to see where we go from here.


Oh, and here is MY prediction for the final four:




The Doctor, and

River Tam…