The time has come to pick the one true champion of the Multiverse.


The official SolarWinds Sci-Fi Bracket Battle is now available!  See the match ups and start predicting their fates; head over to the space in thwack to see who is taking on Spock, Hiro, River Tam and T-1000 for the ultimate crown


For those that may have missed it, here are our Rules of Engagement.


And, to get us started we have our first battle…  Between C-3PO and Infinite Improbability Drive (C-3PO v. The Infinite Improbability Drive - An exercise in helpfulness...) – which tech do you want by your side as you travel the galaxies.


Voting for the prequel will close at 12 noon CT on Monday, March 11.


You have the weekend to ponder the possibilities, consider your arguments, and develop your strategies for Sector 1. Want to share? Dare to stand by your picks in the public eye?

Fill out your bracket and post it.


May the Force be with you…


Make it so…


But above all else,


Don’t Panic!