So I spent a day at the RSA 2013 conference this week , primarily talking to all the vendors, learning what was new.  Like every conference there’s a vibe you get on the floor, is it a good year? Are vendors hunkering down for a drought? I’m pleased to say that this year’s conference had a sense of euphoria, maybe it was the big shining spotlight that Mandiant and the White House have put on cyber security problems in recent days and weeks, or maybe it’s just that with the market growing everyone’s growing with it.  I can’t say for sure, but it was a happy place (at least as happy as you can get for a bunch of security guys packed into one place with an equal number of vendors trying to pick them off )



Ok, here’s the bad part, and maybe it’s all big conferences, but it seemed particularly noticeable at RSA, buzzword bingo.  It didn’t seem to matter what a company did, but everyone was either talking about big data security (what is that anyway?) or mobile security (ok, but really what does that phrase mean) with a few zero-day threats thrown in for good measure.  I wish everyone’s marketing came with a secret decoder ring, maybe there’s an app for that?


After wading through the big data I will say that the thing that surprised me the most is that every vendor was targeting the large enterprise, the Global 2000, the Fortune 1000 – what about the rest of the world folks?  In addition, it seems that complexity was the name of the game, how complex can I make my product sound?  After all, complexity sells.  I even had one vendor (whom I shall protect) tell me that they hadn’t focused on making the getting up and running experience easy because they wanted to get their teams in there to ‘work’ with the customer?  Seriously folks – please tell me that’s not what you want (well I know it’s not what you want, you’re here at SolarWinds right )

I give the state of the security market a solid ‘C’, and we plan to be a part of making it an ‘A’. It’s time to actually do what the security folks have been harping on – make security everyone’s problem, get the IT Ops teams to implement security tools in their day job because it helps them, not because it’s shoved down their throat.  We’ve started with a portfolio of products that help solve every day practical problems, and we’ve made them…wait for it….easy and affordable!

  • A full and complete SIEM product:  Log & Event Manager – if you’re considering LogLogic, LogRhythm, Splunk, Q1Labs or are just tired of ArcSight this is the product for you.
  • Got Firewalls? Do you or others in your team change firewall rules? Check out Firewall Security Manager (FSM) – if you’re considering AlgoSec, Tufin, FireMon or others you’ll want to look at FSM.
  • Do you have to deal with patching your systems?  Then Patch Manager is for you.
  • Do you have compliance regulations that deal with data access but still need to transfer files around?  Then managed file transfer is for you

It’s an exciting time to be in security and it’s time for us to get serious in every business not just the large enterprise, and we  are here to provide options that solve problems you have without the cost and hassle that most security vendors want to put you through.