We SolarWindians love IT management software.  We like building it.  We like selling it.  We like supporting it.  However, we are not single-threaded.  We do think about other things.  Like video games. As with any self-respecting gaggle of geeks (herd of nerds?), a lot of us like to play games.


One day a while back, as a meeting about IT Management software wrapped up, the conversation evolved into one about video games, and one engineer opined that it would be cool if we could build a game.  There was general agreement on the coolness of such an enterprise.  Then one clever engineer noted that if they could fool the marketing folks into believing that it would do something ridiculous like "brand building," they might actually be able to do it.  One thing led to another, and the marketing folks figured, heck, the engineers might be on to something.  In the end, we figured the worst case scenario was that we'd create a fun game, give it to our loyal customers, and everyone would be happier for it. 


And just like that, we are launching a new game.  We think it's awesome, but just like our regular software, try it and judge for yourself.  If you're wondering what kind of game, it's in a classic arcade style.  Think Space Invaders meets Asteroids.  Except it's completely browser based, and when you play it, you'll find your Sysman Hero's ship defending the current website from web-page-eating space bugs. 


Hint: Because it's just a bookmark on your browser, you can quickly fire it up for some quick distraction when you find yourself trapped in some interminable meeting (not that such things happen at SolarWinds, but we hear about such things from from our friends).  Also, because it's us and we do love IT management so much, we've inserted little IT in-jokes that anyone who has ever administered a server should find amusing.

sysman hero screenshot.PNG


Check out SysMan Hero.  Share it with your friends.  Please spread it widely.  Seriously, please share it. 


If this thing catches on a little, our CEO just might let us build another one.