Earlier this month, SolarWinds released survey results debunking the lives of American sysadmins. We then followed up with info on UK sysadmins. Now, we must know – who is the Aussie sysadmin?


More than 400 Australian sysadmins weighed in, and here’s how they compared with their northern hemisphere counterparts…



  • In Australia, 71 percent of sysadmins feel that your company’s employees have little understanding or appreciation for what they do, which is the same as your American counterparts and just two percent different from your peers in the UK (69%).
  • Australian sysadmins also seem to enjoy the same everyday tasks as Americans and Brits. You get the most enjoyment out of solving problems (72% compared to 71% in UK and 75% in US), helping users (58% compared to 55% in UK and 62% in US) and thinking on their feet (49%, same as UK and close to the 52% in US).
  • What frustrates you the most? Too little pay, say 20 percent, followed by too much to do (15%) and limited budget (13%). Sysadmins in the US and UK agree for the most part. Both Americans (22%) and Brits (27%) site being underpaid as their biggest woe. Next, Americans find their increasing workloads tiresome (16%) and struggle with insufficient budget (13%). UK sysadmins say increasing workloads suck (13%) and they just have too much to do (12%).


So, while you all share similar opinions on work life. It’s how you live and play outside the office that varies:

  • Further unmasking our sysadmins down undah (okay, we’re done), Wolverine slashes the superhero competition (could it be the Hugh Jackman, homeboy-does-good connection?) – 15 percent chose the Marvel mutant over the UK and US pick Batman (18% and 20%, respectively). Aussies also stand alone in your music choice, opting for pop (17%) over rock, which 22 percent of UK sysadmins and 21 percent of US sysadmins favored.
  • What can no one agree on? Favorite beverages and entertainment. Aussies enjoy coffee (21%) and settling in with the Big Bang Theory (26%). Yanks are all about soda (19%) while enjoying Star Trek (23%). And, the Brits prefer The X-Files (17%) while sipping wine (19%). Guess it’s good we’re all on separate continents.


You can check out the whole survey,

Systems Administrators AUS Survey Results from SolarWinds.


We also have another infographic below that highlights some of the best of the data. Compare to the US and UK versions and join the discussion here on thwack… Which geek are you most like?


Download a copy of the infographic here.