Ed Notes: Looking for the UK survey? SolarWinds SysAdmin Survey -- UK   

Looking for the Australia survey? SolarWinds SysAdmin Survey -- AUS


Here at SolarWinds, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of and connections with our users. You may have heard us talk about being “Built by IT pros, for IT Pros…” and that we work to solve real-world IT Management problems, not the problems dreamed up in some corner office.


When we launched into the Systems Management space earlier this year, things were no different.  We focused on expanding the number of problems our systems management portfolio can solve for sysadmins.  We started with SolarWinds Systems and Application Manager (SAM) and our web performance monitoring product, SolarWinds Synthetic End User Monitor.  We then added DameWare Remote IT Management, SolarWinds Patch Manager, SolarWinds WebHelpDesk and SolarWinds Mobile Admin.  And, of course… there is our award-winning SolarWinds Virtualization Manager.


Through the ongoing expansion and updates to our portfolio we are working to make sure that no matter what problem a sysadmin might face…  we can offer a powerful, easy to use, and, most importantly, AFFORDABLE solution.


Part of the secret of our success (at least IMHO), is that we don’t just try to understand how you, our users, work… we get to know how you play.  We try to immerse ourselves in the pastimes and hobbies you guys enjoy.

So, last month, we ran a survey to get to the heart of the American sysadmin… and, we learned a LOT.  Some of it surprising…  some of it, well, let’s just say that we’re pretty pumped that we pre-ordered Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (t-minus 8 days and counting…).


Generally, you all are a pretty optimistic bunch (71% of you indicated some level of satisfaction with your work), and see good things happening for your companies in 2013 (76 percent).


You prefer the Star Wars movies.  We assume you meant Episodes 4-6 in their original format, and may be sweating the Disney acquisition as much as our Head Geek, Patrick Hubbard.  That said, you clearly view the Star Trek series as the best geek fare on TV, followed closely by everyone’s favorite Physics PhDs (and one engineer).


Our question re: Star Trek… does Kirk reign supreme or are you more of a Picard crew? And, does Spock qualify as a superhero?


You can check out the whole survey, Systems Administrators Survey Results from SolarWinds


Download a pdf copy of the infographic here.


In the coming weeks, we will also release our results on sysadmins in the UK and Australia.


But, rest assured, Sysadmins…  while you may believe at some level that your company’s employees don’t understand what you do or what your value is (71 percent), we here at SolarWinds are doing our best to make your day a little bit easier and a little bit more fun.


Stay tuned for more…  And, we raise a Beer to you!