I was recently talking to a colleague at another company, and they were impressed that SolarWinds invests so heaviliy in user experience testing and user interface design. At his company, it's consider a "nice to have" that is often (usually) chopped from the "in" list when release planning takes place. This never happens at SolarWinds. Here, UI improvements are part of every release, and UX testing informs our product development on a daily basis.




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We often say that our users are the most important part of SolarWinds success, and our UX program is yet another important datapoint in that saying. In each product cycle, UX plays an important hand. It's a cycle of continuous improvement, and a project that is never done. If you've ever participated in a UX session, we'd love to hear from you in the comments. Did you enjoy the process? And thanks to all of you who have.