I’m excited to announce a new SolarWinds product today, Firewall Security Manager (FSM).  To say that firewalling is a critical part of any modern network is an understatement, but managing the rules that determine whether your network is secure and whether your applications actually perform as expected can be daunting.  This is especially true if you are the second or third person to do the job, since there’s often little documentation on what rules exist and why.


FSM is all about addressing concerns that you’ve all told us are important to you around firewall change management.

  • Giving you the ability to test rule changes offline before they’re pushed to production
  • The ability to report on whether changes to rules create security problems
  • The ability to analyze all the rules on an existing firewall and determine whether the rules are used, are effective, or are just taking up space

What’s better for all of you Network Configuration Manager (NCM) users out there is that FSM already integrates with NCM so you can import device details over to FSM easily.


For a more detailed description of how FSM can add value to your network management tools check out Francois Caron’s product blog post and the Firewall Management page on Solarwinds.com.