Over the last few weeks those of you who are members of the SolarWinds community, thwack, have seen a number of changes that culminated with the switch over to the new platform that will carry our community efforts forward.  The technology changes are only the start of where we’re headed and we hope to make community a much bigger part of your relationship with us, with a whole set of new content and tools.  But before I go there, let’s talk about the vision we have for thwack.


For a number of years now, thousands of you have interacted with the SolarWinds product managers and support team to get the most out of our products.  You’ve given us a ton of valuable feedback, celebrated our successes with great releases, and beaten us up if we haven’t lived up to your expectations. Frankly, you’ve been integral to our ability to build great products.  But for some time, we have wanted to expand the dialogue beyond our products into more thought provoking content, educational content, useful tools, etc.  You know, look beyond our backyard…


Some of this has already started, for those of you who don’t know, we now have 3 blogs at SolarWinds:


  • Product blog: You guessed it; we talk about products here, what’s new, how to do interesting new things – in general how to get the most out of the product.  If you’re an NPM network monitor or SAM (formerly APM) customer the product blog feed is available directly in the product.
  • Geek Speak: This is the place to learn about all the ins and outs of technology, we try to make sure the content here is all about the technology and technology events, tips and tricks… really the nuts and bolts content.
  • Whiteboard: Our corporate blog (it’s not as stuffy as a corporate blog might sound) – this is our perspective on the IT market the winners, the losers, who’s dressed well on the red carpet etc. (But, you have probably already figured this one out...  since you are here, reading this post.)


But the blogs are just the start of what we see ahead, we’ve got exciting free tools in the works, posts from SolarWinds ambassadors (folks outside of SolarWinds), new incentives to get you to explore some of this stuff.  And that is only the beginning; the community team has some other “fan-favorite” ideas they are putting into motion. The idea is to make thwack a place where you can come to learn and interact with other IT users – it’s bigger than just SolarWinds and our products, it’s about IT and it’s about you.


So we’re at the beginning, but I encourage you to take a look around, tell us what you like, tell us what you want to see, and know that we’re working to take community to a whole new level at SolarWinds so if you haven’t jumped in, now’s the time.