If you read the SolarWinds blog and have seen my recent posts, it won’t be any surprise to you that we believe the virtualization market is going through a period of transformation. We believe this because our customers are telling us that, while VMware is still a significant portion of their environment, they’re beginning to consider alternatives. We could (and have) spent days hypothesizing about the reasons for this shift, but I’d rather just talk about what SolarWinds is doing to accommodate it.


I’m excited to announce that SolarWinds Virtualization Manager now supports Microsoft Hyper-V! There will still be a few folks out there who wonder why we decided to do this, so here is a little bit of our thought process:

  • Microsoft Hyper-V adoption is growing faster than any other hypervisor in the market right now. This one is pretty obvious.
  • We believe there is a contingent of organizations out there who remember, or are still experiencing the many pains of vendor lock-in and want to have a dual hypervisor strategy in order to avoid it going forward.
  • There are companies that don’t trust their infrastructure vendor to tell them how much new infrastructure they need to buy. Many think that VMware vCenter Operations telling them that they need to buy more VMware vSphere licensing is kind of like having a fox guarding the hen house. So, there is a viable market for a third-party, unbiased virtualization management tool that doesn’t have a horse in this race.
  • There is a huge base of Microsoft administrators out there that will help accelerate adoption.
  • Microsoft’s planned enhancements proposed for Hyper-V version 3 this year have more and more customers planning for a dual hypervisor environment.
  • Multiple management consoles are hard to use, clunky, and don’t offer you the flexibility you need in measuring and managing your virtual infrastructure. Virtualization Manager now allows you to see both VMware and Hyper-V environments in a single pane of glass.


Since we already know that Hyper-V penetration is accelerating, SolarWinds has a unique ability to bridge a major Hyper-V functionality gap in storage visibility. Because we’ve created integration capabilities for SolarWinds Storage Manager within SolarWinds Virtualization Manager, you can now see what was previously invisible in your Hyper-V environment. When using these two products together, you can drill down from the Hyper-V (or VMware) VM to the storage LUN servicing that VM, you can see all of the other VMs serviced by that LUN (to help you pinpoint if a particular VM is hogging storage I/O), and you can even see the physical disks associated to the LUN.


So, if you think any of these points are valid, you should give the new SolarWinds Virtualization Manager 5.0 a try today with our free 30-day trial today!