This week LogLogic entered a definitive agreement to be purchased by TIBCO in yet another deal for the log management/SIEM space.  I have to admit the deal caught me a little off guard as the security and compliance side of log management didn’t seem like an immediate fit with TIBCO, but then I saw the hint of where this is going in the press release and it makes lots of sense.  Now I’ll pause here to say that I know nothing definitive about TIBCO’s plans with LogLogic so consider this speculation, opinion, water cooler chatter if you want to go there.


TIBCO is probably best known for their enterprise data integration solutions, combining and transforming data from multiple systems in the enterprise so it can be shared through one common infrastructure as opposed to fragmented integrations.  They have started to pitch an analytics message which is a nice logical extension – data is flowing through us so why not provide the tools to analyze it – and in that context the LogLogic deal makes a bit more sense.  It plays into that ongoing flavor of the Month/Quarter/Year  - Big Data!  This is not new for the log management space of course, Splunk, a company I know you’ve all heard of pitches this same message.  Look through the massive quantities of machine data and find the trends/patterns/connections in your data that can provide true business insight today.


So what does this mean for LogLogic in the SIEM space?  Will they continue to be a player or will they go the way of many acquisitions, disappearing into the big company machine.  I suspect it will be hard for them to keep their identity once they’re part of TIBCO, it’s hard to imagine TIBCO doing a lot around the SEIM space or wanting to position the acquisition around log management vs doing the big enterprise pitch around big data.  But I guess only time will tell – in the mean time we’ll keep moving forward and carrying the torch of providing affordable log management and SIEM solutions that meet the needs of IT users everywhere.