Last week, both BMC and SolarWinds announced acquisitions 

It appears BMC acquired Numara to get into the mid-market space – to provide choice and flexibility for mid-sized organizations.  What is very interesting about this move is that this “new portfolio” also includes most of BMC’s existing portfolio – BMC Network Automation, Bladelogic Automation Suite, Atrium Discovery & Dependency Mapping, and so on.  This strategy is concerning.  Many of the products just mentioned don’t appear to have mid-market characteristics  - affordable, easy to buy, use and deploy.  My favorite quote from the press release was from the mouth of Mr. Avenant, president of the ESM group:  “In IT management, one size does not fit all.”

On the contrary, SolarWinds believes at our core that IT management should be for all – all companies of all sizes.  That is why we spend so much time with customers and ONLY develop function that 95% of ALL customers want.  The benefit of this strategy is that we get to pass development expense savings onto our customers.  Keeping in line with that strategy, SolarWinds is now offering patch management capabilities from our  acqusition of EminentWare.  Like the rest of our portfolio of offerings, we have significantly slashed the price so that we can provide this awesome technology  - to everyone.