So what have we done?  For those of you more inclined to watch than read, we have a great little video here... 

SolarWinds has expanded our footprint in the SysMan market - driving our model of easy to use, powerful and affordable software products even deeper into the IT management space.  Sysadmins...  this one is for you. 

We’ve just acquired great new products from other like-minded vendors.  First, we're really excited that EminentWare's patch management products are now part of our systems management portfolio.  We've combined these EminentWare's offerings into SolarWinds Patch Manager.  Although we didn't build it originally, Patch Manager is a product built after our own heart.  Users can download it, install it, and begin pushing out patches in minutes not hours.  Patch Manager embraces and extends customers' investment in existing technology such as Microsoft WSUS or System Center Configuration Manager.  As part of the product, customers continually receive updates for third-party patches for vendors like Adobe, Google, and Mozilla.  Deploying patches becomes a simple, predictable, satisfying task instead of the head-banging exercise in frustration that it represents for too many system administrators.  EminentWare was offering their product set for much less than the competition.  Even so, we've lowered the price even more.  Customers can now solve their patch management problems for just a few dollars per node and we are very happy to put our pricing and functionality up against the old players such as Shavlik/VMware and IBM BigFix.  

We’ve also recently acquired DameWare, which offers Mini Remote Control and DameWare NT Utilities, both of which are extremely well-known tools among sysadmins.  For tens of thousands of sysadmins, when they want to remotely access or troubleshoot a server or desktop, DameWare is the tool of choice.  For tens of dollars, a sysadmin can manage hundreds or thousands of computers.  SolarWinds joined with DameWare because we recognized that low-cost tools are critical for sysadmins, just as they are for network engineers, which is why we've been providing our Engineer's Toolset for more than a decade.  DameWare demonstrates that we're committed to every aspect of the sysadmin market.  

In addition to these two acquisitions, we are introducing new versions of existing products.

First, we've got a major new release of our oldest systems management product.   With this new version--v5.0, we've renamed the product to Server & Application Monitor to more accurately reflect the focus of product. It was introduced as Application Performance Monitor back in 2008, and it was really just an add-on to our Network Performance Monitor--a bit of server monitoring for the network guy.  Over the last four years, however, we've poured a lot of effort into the product and transformed it from and add-on to a full-fledged systems management product that has no dependency on our networking products.  It offers the same simple LUCID interface as our mature network management products, but it's new a feature-rich monitoring tool that can stand toe-to-toe with competitors like Quest Foglight and NetIQ AppManager.  All that, and it's not uncommon for a customer to pay less for a new SolarWinds product than they were paying just to maintain their old systems management product.  SAM 5.0 will be released later this quarter.

We are also launching the second version of Synthetic End-User Monitor (SeUM).  Version 1.5 of SeUM is a major step forward for our web application monitor.  SeUM allows users to monitor both web applications inside the firewall and internet-facing websites by continually playing back pre-recorded multi-step transactions.  SeUM will detect poor performance at any granular step of the process and alert the IT team of a problem.  Using its new XY Capture Mode, SeUM 1.5 can record virtually any type of web page, including rich internet content such as Flash or Silverlight.  The recorder is just as easy as pressing record and walking through the desired transaction.  The new version also introduces the Cloud Player Portal that allows users to deploy transaction players to play back recordings from any one of Amazon EC2's locations in the cloud with just a few clicks, so there's no need to pay for an overpriced SaaS service to do something that's simple to do yourself.  Unlike competitors such as Keynote, Gomez, or HP SiteScope, SeUM offers a powerful web monitoring product that's both easy and inexpensive. 

Our mission is to fix the systems management market as you know it today.  We've seen what's out there, and we think Sysadmins deserve better, cheaper, more usable alternatives.  We're sure the old guard will try to compete, and we welcome it because we know them well, and we're confident that their expensive sales force and professional services will force them to maintain inflated prices.  And if they had any idea of how to make usable software, they'd have done it a long time ago.  We also expect that they'll compete by adding yet more features that appeal to ever fewer customers, all while exacerbating the price and usability problems.  

In any case, we're here to stay, and these new products are just the beginning.