As long as IT professionals have been monitoring their servers, the systems management market has been plagued with products that are overpriced and incredibly hard to use.  The big IT management vendors sell to executives who will never actually use the products, but they’ve become out of touch with how IT departments purchase and consume software.  Gone are the days of investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into a complicated platform and months of professional services in hopes that, at some point in the future, it will finally meet all the sysadmin needs.  These days, IT professionals across organization of all sizes demand want powerful, usable products that can deliver immediate value a price that does not require executive approvals.

At SolarWinds, we've looked at the systems management market, and came to the conclusion that it strongly resembles the network management market in that the big IT management vendors offer vastly overpriced systems management products that are so hard to use that they require "professional services" to get them up and running.  In other words, deploying their products requires so much expertise that it constitutes a profession unto itself.  

We fundamentally believe that we can bring to systems management the same combination of simplicity, power, scalability and affordability that we bring to network management.  To that end, we're announcing a suite of products that deliver all of the features that customers need in an easy-to-use package at a small fraction of what the other vendors are charging.  The prices are intended to be disruptive, and they're all posted plain-as-day on our website.  

Systems management does not have to be difficult and expensive, and we plan to fix that. I know, you are intrigued, so stay tuned for the details.  

Something BIG is coming...