I came to Solarwinds from one of the Big 4 in Systems Management to apply my knowledge of the application performance management market and learn new marketing skills.  I knew SolarWinds was an innovative company, a great place to work, but I did not realize how really awesome SolarWinds’ products are.  What has most impressed me about SolarWinds is the products’ functionality, product consumability and ease of the purchasing process.


  1. SolarWinds is very focused on the end user.  This is religion here.  We have a huge user community (thwack) where we get constant updates of what users would like to see as well as what users have developed.  We focus on developing great products with functionality that everyone can use, not just a few.  That is the trick – provide the functionality everyone needs really well (not do everything but poorly).  I believe in this mantra as well.  If you look at the maturity of business today (even some of the largest enterprises), most are just struggling to do the basics – monitoring, performance reporting, event correlation and understanding the business impact of outages.  Hardly anyone I have spoken with does predictive trending, and fancy analytics.
  2. SolarWinds is easy to try.  You can download, install and use the software in your own environment in an hour.  I saw evidence of that on my first sales call - WOW.  On the phone, the customer deployed monitors in their own environment and within seconds was seeing data/pretty charts and graphs for all 175 of their virtual machines and their AD servers.  Where I came from, this result would have taken 2 hours of remote demo time followed by a couple days of an SE at a customer site.
  3. SolarWinds is easy to deploy and manage.  You don’t need professional services or on-site training.  The UI, since it is based off thousands of customer interactions, is very intuitive.

I’ve only got time for 3 points today, but I did have one parting thought...  I need to find out why this place is called SolarWinds – we have nothing to do with solar energy OR wind technology.


Jennifer Kuvlesky works at Solarwinds as a Product Marketing Manager, focused on the Server and Application Management space.  She has 11 years of marketing, strategy and product management experience with an emphasis on the Systems Management market.