So, really why all the hype around cloud? The need for ubiquitous services offered in an economic way has been always there. But, this time its different -- Cloud economics have the potential to actually work.

Here is what we are hearing from our customers.  As they virtualize more of their environments and restructure their storage infrastructure, the move to the cloud is a natural next step. In fact, we’ve seen that most of our customers move through three general phases as they go from their first virtual server to the public cloud.  So, where are you on this continuum?

  • Assuring Availability – Early in your adoption of virtualization the focus is on availability of this new infrastructure – typically we find customers who are less than 30% virtualized thinking about this.  In our experience the bulk of the market (# of customers) are here.
  • Optimizing Performance – Once most of our customers have gotten past the 30% virtualized stage the focus shifts to slightly more complex problems.Users are trying to figure out the impact of adding more hosts and when they will run out of storage, as well as optimizing the performance and density of VMs across their infrastructure.
  • Transforming the Environment – These are the trail-blazers… Businesses who are 80+ % virtual and have a solid foundation to implement and manage a cloud strategy.  This is when IT orgs begin to look at departmental allocation and chargeback opportunities.

The common element in mastering all three phases, and thereby mastering the cloud, is MANAGEMENT.

The challenge, for most businesses right now, is that the COST of the majority of management solutions available today cancel out the cloud ROI, undermining the value everyone is seeking.  We want to help.

We acquired Hyper9, in January, to put powerful and easy to use virtualization management within reach of a much wider range of businesses; particularly those who stand to benefit the most from cloud – the mid-market. Because like the other IT Management markets in which we compete, we believe that we have a distinct advantage.  We focus on our customer needs and deliver software that allows them to succeed in their day-to-day jobs.  And, we do that at a fraction of the cost of other providers.

We are now releasing SolarWinds Virtualization Manager and SolarWinds Storage Manager, Powered by Profiler to address not only the advanced use cases for virtualization and storage resource management in a virtual environment, but also to help users lay a solid foundation for managing the Cloud.

We understand that control and visibility are key drivers of cloud adoption. This foundation is all about giving that visibility and control to IT pros whether they are considering public, private or hybrid cloud deployments.

Take the products for a spin.  Like all of our other offerings, there are full-featured, free trials available that let you see the value in your environment in just a few hours.

Oh, and let us know what you think.