The demand to reduce costs and increase ROI has moved virtualization to the forefront of IT. We have heard from our users over and over about the challenges they are facing with managing virtualization, and we are responding to those needs today.

Regardless of the stage you are in with your virtualization initiative, you have expressed the need to control sprawl, the need to manage the sparing compute capacity, the need for better reporting capabilities and lastly, the need for managing performance of both physical and virtual infrastructures in a cohesive way.

We heard you loud and clear.

So, we went out and found a company that we believe “gets” virtualization management in a way that is going to be useful to our customers.  We have acquired Hyper9, which is, I am excited to say, the most versatile virtualization management company in the market. Great mix of people, products and technology.

We are thrilled to have Hyper9 join the SolarWinds family, as this marriage brings powerful management capabilities right to the hands of our users.

Not just that -- Hyper9 carries the same traits that our users have come to value SolarWinds for over the years – easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy, simple yet powerful. It equally benefits users that have smaller virtualization deployments, just as it does for a larger fully-virtualized IT environment.

Our vision is to solve the challenges IT users face today by helping them to optimize applications, systems, network, storage and virtual performance either individually or across the entire IT environment – physical and virtual.

Hyper9 not only complements our vision, but also significantly accelerates our ability to solve capacity, configuration and performance problems our users face today in virtualized environment. 

Hyper9 positions us well for winning the virtualization market and beyond …

Virtualization serves as a significant stepping-stone to cloud computing, simplifying IT infrastructure, and delivering IT as a service, and SolarWinds is committed to helping our customers with their virtualization and cloud management initiatives going forward.





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